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Monday, August 30, 2010

Using Wooden Cutting Boards For Fall Decor

One of the elements that I listed on my Fall Decor list was wooden cutting boards. They add a warmth to a space and they are also very utilitarian. I don’t need to go over all the ideas of how to use a cutting board in the kitchen, but I thought it would be fun to see how to display them to add a touch of warmth for the Fall/Winter months.
mixing textures
I really like the mix of textures in this all white kitchen. The smoothness of the white dishes, the shine of the Hotel silver and the warmth of the old cutting boards. This has three of the elements I want to add to my kitchen for the Fall. White dishes(already have those), Hotel silver and cutting boards.
country living
Simple and clean! I love the backdrop the cutting board creates in this kitchen by just leaning against the tile backsplash.
This is obviously in a very old rustic looking kitchen. The homeowner must love older pieces with great patina. I love the way the cutting boards are different shapes and sizes casually leaning on the stone wall.
round cuttingboard
This is a very functional cook's kitchen. Here the cutting boards are sitting like soldiers against the cook top stainless back. I am in love with the very large oversized round board on the shelf with the great basket in front of it. I might have used a white pitcher for a contrast of textures, but none the less it looks amazing.
Elle Decor
I am noticing a pattern in my processing. I like when cutting boards are placed one in front of the other. How about You?
Notice all the shapes and sizes. Great rough textures going on in this setting. Here we see several boards stacked one in front of the other and sitting on a nice thick board.
Belgian pearls
Belgian Pearls
There are a lot of wonderful elements to look at in this kitchen. Notice the table and the rough hewn benches? Amazing glass front cupboards on each side of the  gorgeous stove. Old worn tiled floors with a beautiful patina. This kitchen is all about texture. Here the boards are lined up like soldiers. I don’t mind two boards lined up, but more than that, I like them stacked in front of each other. You see I am learning something about how I like my cutting boards through writing this post. Hopefully in design we will always remain on the learning curve.
A great storage idea for racks and cutting boards if you lack cupboard space.

Country Living
All stacked up one in front of the other and even a wooden bowl in the stack. This is a few too many for my liking, but perfect in this country setting.
Can a vignette get any warmer or textural than this? Perfect for a country or colonial setting. It might look really cool with a more contemporary back drop  for fun.
As you can see cutting boards can come in all different sizes, shapes and patinas. So I have decided I like cutting boards side by side in two different sizes, but no more than that. My favorite configuration is stacked one in front of the other, probably no more than three or four.
How do you like your cutting boards displayed? 

“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Shopping for cutting boards and finding fun ways to display them in your kitchen.