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Friday, March 15, 2013

It Is Time To Get Serious!!


It is official, it is time to get serious about Easter plans.

Have you decided what you are going to do for a centerpiece for your Easter table yet?

If not, I think this post might just be what  you need to get inspired.

When I start thinking of a tablescape for a Holiday or special occasion, I always begin with color combinations.

I am going to give you several different color combinations to help inspire your own creativity. 

These might not be the colors you always think of using for Easter. Maybe not the traditional pastels we all think of at this time of year, but still beautiful.

Cobalt blue and deep purple are gorgeous together and I think a bit unexpected for Easter, but I can see this on a crisp white table cloth, can’t you?

This is another combination using purples and blues, but this time with eggs and flowers. Love the spattering of paint on the eggs.

Speaking of cobalt, let’s add a touch of turquoise to our cobalt and see what we get out of the mix……..

On this table the entire center piece is done in different shades of cobalt. 

They chose to add a touch of turquoise in the stemware. I love using all of one color of flower in an arrangement. It always makes such a beautiful statement.

I am going to remember this idea:
By adding a colored glass to an all one color centerpiece you will get a  dramatic look!

So simple and so pretty, again using a darker blue with a mix of green and turquoise. Who knew colored foil eggs could look so pretty.

urquoise with an addition of lavender is such a pretty combination for Easter. Love the simplicity of the bunny silhouette used as a place card.

How about varying your colors in an almost ombre affect using yellowy gold to  bright greens. Napkins are another way to add color to your tables.

Now let’s see what kind of centerpiece would work with this colorful array of napkins……..

Simple and easy is the name of the game here, and look how pretty this looks with the stack of napkins in the above image.

This one would work well with the stacked napkins in the above image.

When I think of Easter I almost always will think of the color yellow. 

How about mixing it up a little bit and add a touch of black to the mix for something unexpected.

Speaking of black how about an all black and white Easter table? Can that be done!! Yes indeed it can if you use some of these ideas……..

After all today we are looking at color combinations that are a wee bit different than what we would normally use.

How sweet is this idea, it looks like the mother hen left a few of her soft feathers to cushion the egg in the cup. Love this look.

By getting creative with a black marker you can really have some fun inventing new looks for the traditional Easter egg.

This is one of my all time favorite uses of black and white on Easter eggs.

We have talked about different combinations of colors, but how about just using eggs in their own natural color made by nature?

Don’t you just love when you go to the grocery store and they have a carton full of beautiful brown eggs?

How about using the natural color that nature has provided with a touch of soft turquoise…….

By using a chalk pin you can decorate natural brown eggs with Easter sayings and images.

So simple, So pretty!

Today I wanted to show you some different colors combinations used for Easter. There are so many more, just let your imagination take over and see what you can come up with.

If you need a little more inspiration be sure and visit my Easter Pinterest board, HERE! I have 470 images to look at on this years Easter board.

I also have a board for last years inspiration, HERE! It is all about soft blues and white.

What color combination will you be using on your Easter table this year?