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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

KISS- Keep It Super Simple!!!

Keep It Super Simple is a good motto when it comes to planting flowers in your yard.

Have you ever noticed when you go to places like Disneyland how spectacular the plantings are? One thing I have noticed that  makes them seem so spectacular is they do plantings in mass. All of one color or a tight color scheme using only two to three colors. K-I-S-S, keeping it super simple.

This weekend I planted some flowers in the  three pots on the front porch. I have one plant that is permanent that I work around. It is a dwarf lime cypress. I love the bright lime color of this plant and it looks great with so many colors.

I look around at nature, home design and even wardrobes for color inspiration. If you look there is inspiration everywhere.

This time I chose to pair my lime cypress with purple. I love the way lime and purple contrast with each other.

Even Nature likes this pairing.


A beautiful brides bouquet in shades of lime and purples.
flowers 006 (600x800)

Notice how simple and tight I kept the color scheme?

flowers 007 (600x800)
This pot has two types of potato vines. One in lime and the other is a very dark purple.

flowers 004 (600x800)
I love fresh produce in bowls on my counter. The dark purple of the blueberries makes a nice contrast with the lime green stripes in my wallpaper, and the stripes in the pitcher.

flowers 005 (600x800)
This black cast iron planter hangs on the right side of my door. I planted it with the same plantings that are in the the other planter on the left side of the door. You can see by Keeping- It- Super- Simple each plant is highlighted and yet it all pairs nicely together.

Next time you go to the nursery for some new plants. Look around at your surroundings for some color inspiration.  Remember KISS!!! and you can’t go wrong.

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Planting Fresh and Fun Color schemes in your yard.