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Thursday, July 29, 2010

They Arrived and They are Fantastic!!!

They arrived and my DIL says they are amazing and loves,loves them!! I am so glad that these X benches worked out. To think they only were $149 and no tax or shipping it is truly amazing. It is hard to believe that WS Home charges $1500 for the same type of bench. I have not done a side by side comparison. I do not feel the need to do that since my DIL is more than happy with her purchase. She has impeccable taste so that is enough for me. To refresh everyone’s memory here is the X bench from WS Home……………
william sonoma home
This is in brown leather and we were looking for white. At one time WS Home had the white leather. This bench is priced at $1550.
Here is the bench that came today from this company. It took all of ten minutes to put together with a screw driver and an allen wrench, and that was for both of them!!


This is just a sneak peek of the room. We are still waiting for the furniture to arrive but I will post what they have done so far. It really is turning out just like they wanted it too and all for a friendly budget. We like that!!
“Enjoy the Process” Of:
Planning a design and seeing it all come to fruition!!!