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Monday, March 10, 2014

"IT" Has Started

“IT” has started!! You might be wondering, “What has started?”

Spring fever

I think Mr. Twain has nailed it perfectly. The wanting to do SOMETHING but not knowing what to do!!
I have had about a week of the not knowing part, and then it hit me!

Time to clean out my closet and get my clothes in order!!

When I am in the mood to clean out I enjoy the process thoroughly. I am not very good on command cleaning, but I am a master at mood cleaning.

This year I am doing a couple of things differently in my cleaning out. My method and my way of thinking have changed.

If you have read any of my previous post on closet cleaning you know I put my clothing  in laundry baskets and I mark them with a tag.

These are the most common tags…..


Purging is an emotional tug, and pull for me so I added a couple of more baskets to my method…….

Ribbet Edit purging

You will notice I added:

Sometimes we will have something that reminds us of a loved one or a dear friend and you just know they would love it.

Not Sure:
This one box has saved me so much time in the purging process. My philosophy behind this box is, we have a hard time letting go of things for all kinds of emotional reasons.

By having this basket, when I am unsure about what box to put a piece in I just throw it in this basket and revisit it at the end of the process.

What happens is as time passes, and we purge more, and more it frees our minds up ,and it feels so much better to get rid of things. 

Once we have done that we revisit the, “Not Sure,” basket and we will inevitably donate most of it. 

Trust me on this it works!!

Now for the NEW box I added this year……


I am fortunate that I have some nice clothes that are classic pieces, but some of them just don’t fit.(that is the not so fortunate part)

They almost fit so I don’t want to put them in any of the above baskets, so I created a new box that I will keep close at hand so when the extra 5-10 lbs. leave I can gladly go to that box, and put these clothes back in my closet.

In truth I need to lose much more than just 5-10 lbs. but we all have to start somewhere. 

Losing weight is something that most women struggle with. We seem to see ourselves through very cruel eyes.

This brings me to the other part of cleaning out our closets.

Our Mindset!
I read two sayings that I felt would be helpful in reading before we start the purging process.

beautiful saying2

This should be framed and hanging in all of our closets.
I want you to all remember this………

beautiful saying

Now get into your closets and….
enjoy the purging process!

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