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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Intentional Purpose

I had the best time reading all of your comments on my last post, “What Is An Organized Hoarder?”

After reading my post there were several of you that admitted to the same problems I seem to be having with my purging of, “Stuff!”

There were those that are great at purging, and they seem to be Virgos!

I had one reader that wanted to see my before picture of my closet. I will be showing you my shameful closet at the end of this post.

There was one particular comment that really hit a cord with me. Michelle from Hello Lovely blog wrote:

Blogger michele said...
  i'm right there with you, kathysue. it always feel soooooo good to let it go. my problem is i often use that as an excuse to buy new stuff. it's just stuff. it's ridiculous.
but it's that time of year when we can get intentional about new habits and fresh starts. so i'm in!
let's purge.


(If you have a chance visit her lovely blog, it is a daily read of mine. Michelle is a wonderful fellow blogger and I am enjoying getting to know her) Just click on the image below to go to her blog.)


The part where she said, “That time of year when we can get intentional about new habits and fresh starts.” That is  the part that really struck a cord with me.

To do something with purpose, too be focused, and in the moment, too “Enjoy the Process!”

This is my own personal definition! The reason it resonated with me is because I am always ending my post with, “Enjoy the Process,” and I truly try to do that.

It is not an easy thing to do when it involves work, or things we really would rather not do. 

I think it is important for me  not too just set a goal, but to have a reason for my goal. It is one thing to clean my closet out just to make it look better, but it has to go deeper than that in order for it to stay orderly long term.

My Intentional purpose for cleaning my closet  is……..

1. To make it look pretty and orderly, which will be pleasing to my eye.

2. To have less in my closet in order to make getting ready in the morning easier.

3.  To give what I don’t use to someone that can use and enjoy new clothing items.

4. To take pride in what I have been allowed to own.

5. To put less emphasis on a LOT of stuff and have more useable and quality pieces in my wardrobe.

6. To have a coordinated wardrobe of items that I truly love and will wear.

By doing this list it gives me inspiration, and the “Want-To!” too approach my job with enthusiasm, and an intentional purpose!

Thank you Michelle for inspiring me!! I love that about blog land. When we connect, and leave comments, or send an email to someone, we never know how much those words might mean, or how it might change someone's outlook on their day or even their life.

Now down to brass tacks…….. The BEFORE of my closet!!!!
This one is for YOU, Melissa!!

Walk-in closet measures 4ft wide by 10ft long.
2012 Closet BEFORE Purge 001

This is right when you walk in, and you will see my Hubby’s section. He likes the white plastic hangers.( I prefer matching wood, or velvet hangers.)

No! that is not an orange robe or sweater, it is actually a bright pink robe, and a red sweater. For some reason on my screen they look orange and you all know Kathysue does not do orange!!Notice how I felt I needed to clarify that?!

The little cabinet with the mirror holds my perfumes,  lotions, and potions. Below the mirror are hooks for Hubby’s belts, and night gown etc.

In the middle section you will see shoe boxes, and apparently some sweaters that do not belong there! The little stacked drawers hold nail polish, and hair bands/clips etc. 

We did paint the closet a pretty blue, and I have some nice storage baskets, but I need to utilize the baskets better. I do think it is important that you closet be a color that you enjoy being surrounded by if it is a walk-in closet.

2012 Closet BEFORE Purge 002

2012 Closet BEFORE Purge 003
As you can see in this image, I still have some Spring clothing in my closet. In California we have had warmer weather for this time of year. It is only since Christmas that we really have had what I would call winter weather. That is just one of the reasons why I am needing to purge. I also need to switch out my clothing for my winter wardrobe.

2012 Closet BEFORE Purge 004
See the two boxes on the upper left? Those two boxes hold purses. I am not even sure what purses are in there!

The other big box holds fabric samples, and fabrics I have used to cover stools, pillows etc. I no longer need any of them, so why do I hold onto a large box that takes up so much space?!!

2012 Closet BEFORE Purge 005
This next image is on the opposite side of my clothes. I have a mirror with hooks for my hats, long necklaces, and chains. 

Notice how a couple of scarves were placed there,they don’t belong there.I have a scarf hanger, so why are they there? Good question!

I use the little cabinet to hold my everyday, and costume jewelry. It takes up space but I really like to have my daily face cream, lotions, and potions on top. I usually get dressed in the closet so it is nice to have these in here.

You will notice my shoe rack is full, plus I have boxes of shoes. Yes the boxes have labels, and look organized, but there are way too many that I no longer wear.

2012 Closet BEFORE Purge 006

It is now becoming more and more apparent to me how important it is too approach this task with, “Intention and purpose!”

My Intention is becoming more and more clear to me!!

Thank you for allowing me write about bits and pieces of my life and home. This has truly become a wonderful exercise for me personally. 

I can only hope that maybe just maybe, bits and pieces of what I am writing will also be  helpful to YOU!!!

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Approaching our Goals with intentional purpose!



Melissa Miller said...

Very nice! You do have a lot of "stuff" but from what I can see it is nice and will definitely be re-used and make others very happy. Your fabric storage boxes with bows are really pretty. I like the hooks for long fashion jewel pieces and your shoe racks as well. I think you are half way there. Just less pieces is all you need. Thank you for showing us! It is always fun to see others home decor even if it's a closet. :)

Melissa Miller said...

Oh I forgot to mention I'm a Leo but yet I must be part Virgo. LOL! I also have no trouble donating /purging. In fact, I truly love it!

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I don't think your closet looks bad. I would certainly be embarrassed to show mine! My shoes end up on the floor from the rushed days! I know that I should clean it up, but it is my organized mess :). I move it to vacuum and then start over, lol.

michele said...

you are just a joy. thank you for directing your incredible readers my way. i love how from start to finish, your posts are full of self-discovery. i find that is what my writing does for me as well; i get clearer about what i believe.

very fun to see your closet and hear you clarify about the orange!!



Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Great post, Kathysue! Good luck with all of your positive "intentions"!

helen tilston said...

Hi Kathysue

Thank you for being so brave and showing your before image. You are organized and like the rest us just have too many pairs of shoes and too many white blouses and too many etc etc. I am in the process of donating some pieces too.

Great post

Helen xx

The enchanted home said...

Wow I am impressed both with your intentions and how you carried them out! Your closet looks immaculate and like everything has a place, believe me I think it looks DARN GOOD. You do NOT want to see my closet now but in fairness its mostly because I am moving, and cannot wait to purge, which I am also doing as we speak! I look foward to seeing more....you are my closet diva inspiration!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

You look very organized to me, Kathyuse! Ummm...I'm NOT showing you inside my closet! lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

NanaDiana said...

My closet looks a whole lot worse than yours! It will be a good job to have done, KathySue! xo Diana

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

I feel transparent: I am Virgo and you had no way of knowing...

Your closet looks in pretty fair shape to me KathySue, just bulging a bit. Think how good you'll feel when it's done, and how welcome your extra will be at the thrift shop!

John said...

Well, I'm an Aquarius but the one thing we definitely have in common is enjoying the process -- that's what it's all about. My wife has a good habit when it comes to her side of the closet. Whenever she gets something new, she cleans off one hanger and we put that in our donation bag for someone else to enjoy. Since she started working part time at Steinmart I think she's slipping a little!

laxsupermom said...

I, too, have a box of purses. You've motivated me to drag it out and dump them. Your before is looking pretty tidy already, but I know what you mean about hanging onto things that you don't need. Thanks for the push.

Blondie's Journal said...

I'd love to have a closet as large as yours...mine is teeny!! Because of that I have to pack away non~seasonal clothes all the time {we have 4 distinct seasons here}, and I have to be neat...there is no room for messiness!

I love how you store things...the cabinet to hold your lotions is fabulous as well as your spot for jewelry. Once you purge, you will have it made!


Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt said...

OMG, I so want your closets! I need a professional to come in and help me. I still have wedding presents all over my house from my daughters wedding....

Silvia C said...

Fabulous job, Kathysue! I couple of years ago, I began to change my vocabulary. Instead of the word "I have to" (like "I HAVE to exercise") I change it to "I want to exercise" or simply "I exercise". Something happens in our brains when we leave that "have to" word aside and we change it for something, like you said, that has a more "intentional" meaning. This is great, fabulous post, as always. So uplifting! You are the queen of useful tips. Your blog is a delight!

Lana said...

Hi Kathysue,

I also follow Michelle at Hello Lovely, she has a beautiful blog. I am in the purge mood myself with my whole house. I have alot of fabric and books and patterns purchased for projects that did not get done, or even started. I think I must have ADD with crafting. My taste has now changed and I need to get rid of them. They are new so I think I will try to sell some first and then whatever does not sell I will donate. Maybe to a Seniors home or to young mothers who don't have the money to spend of crafts and books. I also need to clear out my cloths, jewelry. So much to do. Can't wait to see what you do with your closet.

Bring Pretty Back said...

Kathysue- I have been on a mission to get organized- to simplify. I must say I am going pretty good! I love your posts - they keep me on track!
Have a pretty day!