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Friday, September 27, 2013

Craving A Little Coziness


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What makes you feel cozy in the cooler months? I think it varies in different parts of the country as well as from person to person.

sitting nook + wall color

Today I am going to show you some rooms that evoke, warmth, coziness, and just feel inviting to me.

Study the images, and see if you can find something that you might like to add to your own homes.

I will try to point out what I was attracted to in the images, or what is inspiring me as we go along.

❤ Cozy

A cozy cable knit throw, soft puffy pillows, and candles grouped in a glass cube make this room have such a warm and welcoming feel.

I was inspired by the glass cube full of candles. Notice, nothing fancy, just pure, simple comfort.


Stacks of books always add warmth to a room. Notice the tea pot on the little side table in the background.

There is not a lot going on in this room,yet it makes you want to come in, sit down, and pick up one of those books and slowly turn the pages.

/warm wood tones and green, cozy setting
The lighting in this rom adds such a beautiful glow, as well as the natural light coming in the room.

I have read that some designers like to have their chandeliers, and sconces on even in the day time.

Personally I like to have certain lights in my own home on during the day. It  gives a nice glow to the room. Lights, and plants will always add life, and warmth to a room.

Try it! For ambient lighting I use small 7.5 watt refrigertor lights in my accent lamps. They give off a wonderful candle glow light.

Dimmers are also very helpful to lower the wattage and give off a warm candle glow.

.Cozy dining room layered artwork, lantern, Windsor chairs.

Warm woods, family photos, fresh fruit, and flowers will always make any room inviting.

.nice cozy corner to read in.

Most of the images I have shown you have been with a fireplace, and warm colors. 

This image shows how cool colors can give warmth, and coziness merely by adding texture with cable knit.

love the quilt pattern... 9 patch blocks with snowball blocks - so simple!

Adding an area rug, and a quilt to a room will also make it feel warm and inviting. In this image you can see that they also left the lamps on during the day.

Now go and look in your own room!

Turn on some of the lights with low wattage bulbs, add a stack of books. 

Place a throw on the sofa, or add a quilt. Bring in a plant, or fresh flowers, light a candle. Sit back, and enjoy your warm cozy space.

(If you would like to see some more cozy rooms you can go HERE to my Fall/Winter rooms board on Pinterest.)