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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Shopping With Me At Homegoods For Fall Accessories


The next step in planning my Fall look for my home are the accessories so I did a little Homegoods shopping to see what they had. I decided to take some pictures of items that caught my eye that anyone could use in their homes.

I was looking for texture and warmth since it is for the Fall. Homegoods seemed to have a LOT of stuff and they are getting more STUFF in. Sometimes it is hard to look beyond the clutter and so much stuff, but it is fun and kind of like a treasure hunt.

Here are some of the items that I think would make nice additions to Fall decor in a room....

 This was a nice tall cylinder vase. I liked the gold and the texture of the gold, it felt warm and inviting to me.

Tortoise shell is always a classic for Fall and this vase would be a nice addition to a room.

I thought these bottle vases were pretty colors, but there were so many of them it made them less unique, but maybe just one on a table would be nice.

The shape and warmth of this olive wood basket is so pretty. We have lots of olive trees surrounding our community so this would be very appropriate for anyone that lives in my neighborhood.

This basket was gorgeous with it's leather handles and texture. It was actually in the bathroom section to be used for a hamper, but I can see it as an accent piece to hold blankets for the cooler months coming up, plus it has a lid with a leather handle, now that's a plus in my book!

I absolutely loved this basket and there was a smaller one inside. It is probably a bit too ethnic for my home but it sure made me take pause. It was quite large too!

This was another piece that made me stop and think twice about. It would make a great little side table.

It was the size of a garden bench and the texture and warmth of the wood were really pretty. I kind of wanted it, but decided it was not quite right for my home. Can you tell I am still thinking about it?

If your home is in neutrals I thought these two table cloths would be great for a fall table setting.

I love feathers and actually plan on using some for this Fall. These both caught my eye for a touch of shine on a table. Remember it is important to vary your textures in a room.

Another nice neutral element. These boxes were so pretty and could hold that annoying TV remote.

This is the one I left behind and I am going to go back and get it. I loved it but I got so preoccupied with pictures and designing rooms in my mind I left it. I hope it is still there.

My hubby and I both have a thing for globes, for some reason they fascinate us both. There were quite a few there to choose from.

They were small in scale so they could be placed on a table easily with other elements.

For some reason these book ends fascinated me and the more I look at them the more I like them.

Notice the two vases behind the book ends. Who doesn't think of warm and cozy when thinking of a cable knit sweater......

This is just the right size of element to place on top of a stack of books or to use on a bookshelf or coffee table.

A pretty marble paper weight.

Love the colors in the marble book end.

So there you have it another rendition of shopping with Kathysue at Homegoods!!! 

Happy shopping!!