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Monday, August 2, 2010

Architecture and Color for the walls in my “Someday Family Room!”

In a previous post I showed you  the wall color in my existing Family Room. I love this color. It is a formula that I made up years ago and I never tire of it. I will call it Maize since it is a soft medium valued butter color. Here is a picture of the wall color. I realize all monitors will read it differently , but soft butter is truly what it looks like.
cube of butter (600x450) - Copy

My Mess 002
We will call the wall color Maize in the future. All moldings will be in a soft white by Kelly Moore Paints called Swiss coffee. It has just a touch of pigment added to it in order to soften it on the eye. I have an existing mantle piece that is painted Swiss Coffee and all door moldings ,chair rail and base boards are in the same color.
Here are a few more rooms that are painted in a nice buttery yellow or maize. The maize color that I am going to use for my walls has no green undertone. It has a touch of red so it is a nice warm color. Often times when people choose yellow they go on the green side of yellow because it appears bright and friendly. Memories of yellow are usually sunny thoughts so the tendency is to go too bright. I always suggest yellows with a golden or even peach undertone which makes it more subtle and appealing once it is up on the wall.
bedroom (360x460) - Copy
furniture (320x224) - Copy 
There is something about a buttery yellow that is so inviting to me. It is cheerful, soft and inviting.
appliances (225x281) - Copy 
All white with touches of maize appliances is so fresh and clean.
Jan Showers (373x470) - Copy
Room designed by Jan Showers
kitchen (226x320) - Copy
untitled (500x333) - Copy
The use of all white mouldings is so crisp and fresh!
nursery (607x610) - Copy
Aaaaah! this is just so sweet.
I would like to add a wainscoting treatment on all the walls. I have two treatments in mind that I really like. One is a shaker look or batten board and the other is a little more formal of a look called judges panels. I have this look in my entry. Here are some pictures of the look I have in mind for below the existing chair rail.
Batten Board
This is a nice clean, simple look. I really like this look. Here are a few more pictures of this treatment.
plate rail
This is higher than I would use but it shows  the same idea with the addition of a top treatment that I would not use. It is still very nice for a plate rail height. I wanted to show it just in case any of my readers would be interested in this.
The next treatment is judges panels. I have this treatment in my entry and in my guest bathroom. It is not true judge panels but an easier way to get the look by using frame molding on top of the wall or MDF for a smooth finish.
Judges Panels
judges panel
entry hall (733x587)
This is my entry hall wainscoting.
Below is a picture of the fireplace wall in my family room.
73 (800x600)
I also plan on covering the half  brick wall with either the judges panels or the batten board just like the adjacent walls. I would like to add Carrera marble like I have in the entry around the opening of the fireplace.
Another idea I came up with is to put faux doors  to make it look as if there are bookcases at the end of the room. Don’t worry the fireplace screen is going to be changed  also!  I know a lot of people would just paint the brick white, but it just seems sacrilegious to do so.  I am not a big fan of painted brick.
There will also be a crown moulding added to the top of the wall to give it a finished look.

Now I have all the bones of the room planned. The floor plan, color scheme, wall color and all architectural applications to the walls. Next the fun part!! Furniture shopping!!!!!!
“ Enjoy the Process Of:
Figuring out the color of Paint for the walls and adding some moulding to make your room interesting.