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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tying-One-On....To Bow Or Not To Bow?

Since it is the Holiday-Gift-Giving season we will all be wrapping up packages, and tying pretty bows.

Today I want to talk about BOWS!!! 

I love a beautiful bow, and trust me I have tied many in my years of holiday gift wrapping, and decorating for weddings.

I even made my own pew bows in 1970 for my wedding. 


Over the years my taste in bows have evolved, and the big abundant,fluffy bows of the 70’s & 80’s  are no longer the bow of my choice.

However, I do realize that many are still tying-one- on, so to speak. 

Source: designmom.com via Allie on Pinterest

Please know that I am not saying it is wrong, or right. I am just saying I prefer the softer side of ribbons, and bow making.


I just wanted to open up a dialogue about when we should, or should-not use the big pew bow style. When is it just too much!?

I prefer a beautiful double faced satin ribbon to a stiff looking ribbon with wire on its edges. 

I do use it from time to time, but my preference is an elegant, loosely tied bow.

There will always be those in both camps. 

Which camp do you fall into?

Big fluffy pew bows
Soft loosely tied bows

One more question:

Do we really need to put a bow on everything? When is it just too much?

I would love your feedback on how you feel about ribbons, and bows!!

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