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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

10 Gifts For The Men In Your Life!


Giving gifts is part of the Christmas celebration, and I for one love to give gifts. I hunt all year for ideas for the people I love. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be thoughtful, but the operative word here is thoughtful.

Do you all have a hard time finding gifts for men? I have three son’s so you would think I was a champion men gift giver, but I still find it hard to find the perfect gift year after year.

This first gift is actually for young and old, boy or girl, we all play this at our house. It is a beautifully made wood board game, and for $50  it will give you years of fun, and what man doesn’t love a good Baseball game?

Gifts board game

Men are always the hardest to find fun gifs for. I found a new to me website that had the coolest travel toiletrie bag for me. Fill it up with their favorite toiletries, and you have a great gift for $68…..

Gifts Hey Handsome toiletrie bag for men
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Look around the site, they had some really different  and fun items for men.

This next gift could be for male, or female. The perfect leather belt personalized for only $55, that price includes the monogramming...

Gifts monogrammed belt

Pretty cool comb for only $5!!

I always love to personalize something when the option is available and this next item is personalized at no extra fee for $78…

Gifts carving set
Talking about carving, makes me think of meat, makes me think of barbecuing, or grilling.

You all  know how men love a remote, well now there is a meat thermometer with a remote.

My hubby just bought these for himself, so I know it makes a good gift.He is loving his new toy at $59.99……

Gifts meat thermometer

We live in California so we grill all year long, but in the winter it can get a bit chilly. 

This thermometer has a remote, and it allows the person to leave the grill, but still will be aware of the temp of the meat. 

It can also be used in the oven. This has turned out to be a really good thing for us to have and it is very accurate as well.

To go along with the remote he also purchased these two goodies which would make a complete package gift….

Gifts fire starters
He says that these fire start cubes are the BOMB, okay he did not say the BOMB, that is coming from me, but he really really likes them!! No more papers or lighter fluid, YAY!!!

Gifts apple chunk wood
Using this wood proved to make the  meat taste wonderful.

Gifts flip alarm clock
This is a fun alarm clock for $45 you flip it on or flip it to off. That way you know when it is set. Love this idea!!! It also comes in many different colors.

I know men love gadgets and things that are a bit different. Instead of the normal every day candle, how about this for outside……

Gifts bonfire log
Pretty cool for only $28.

Gifts head light

Now I know to we women this looks a bit odd, but trust me on this. 

Again, my hubby has this, and he has used it countless times. He even used it this year when he was getting things down from the rafters in the garage, It helped him to see up there in the dark!! 

Also great to keep in the car in case you get a flat in the dark or have car trouble.

For only $29.99 it is a deal!! Buy them one they will love it!!

If you need more ideas for gifts, be sure and visit my  board on Pinterest, just click here: