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Friday, June 10, 2016

Designing Around Technology

Sometimes we all have to make compromising in our design worlds. Just today I had to do, just that, compromise. 

You see we listen to music all day long and my hubby has a very discerning ear when it comes to sound. He was a singer his whole life, and has a very acute sense of sound. It is important to him that the music sounds as good as we can afford to make it.

 The Before sound bar, notice the black boxes in the center they are about to go away!

He decided since we purchased the newer, BIGGER TV the sound was not very good, so he began investigating a temporary solution to the problem. We are wired for sound but it will be a costly proposition to get all hooked up so it has to wait for another years budget. 

He found what he thought was the perfect solution a sound bar which eliminates the need for a woofer and it it wireless so it is controlled by a remote. Yay for us, another remote!!! NOT!!

So after a LOT of discussions and planning we both came up with a plan that we both agreed too. 

He hung the sound bar as high next to the console table as he could so it is barely visible and we are now hiding all the plugs etc. with a basket for the TV box thingy to sit on. Notice my technical term , thingy!

See that long black bar, that is the sound bar!

The basket is one I already had and not exactly perfect, but it is hiding a mess in the back and it works for now. I will be on the hunt for the perfect basket. I think I want two that stack on top of each other and maybe a bit lighter. We shall see, but for now we are both content with the new situation and loving the better sound.


The moral of the story is to compromise, talk it thru, and plan what you are going to do before ever putting a hole in the wall!!!