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Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Way To Add Pattern In Your Room!!

We all have lamps in our rooms and they all have some kind of lamp shade on them. Generally speaking most shades will be in white, cream, or linen in most homes. How do you all feel about putting a little pattern on your lampshades?

I realize patterned lampshades will not work in all rooms, but I do think they can  add an extra finishing touch to a room.

I remember when Janell of Isabella and Max rooms showed us all how to make our own lampshades. She made a shade for her master bedroom…..
IMG_6061 (204x320)

and a lampshade for her son’s bedroom……..
BBBChalkboardLamps (214x320) 

In this next image you will see a lamp shade that was custom made for Eddie Ross to use in a window he did for Carleton V Click HERE to go to his blog to read the full post.

Of course I was drawn to the stripes!!

I have a few patterned shades in my own home, let me show you two of them…….

Sarahs recital 012 (600x800)
These are actually used in my guest room most of the time, but they have a temporary place in my master bedroom.

Sarahs recital 013 (600x800)
This lamp is on my desk. Notice another striped shade. I just love stripes!!!

Let me show you a variety of different looks. Try to visualize a patterned lamp shade on one or two of your lamps in a room to give your room a new accessory. You might be surprised at how it can change the look of  a room.

7-bedroom-xl (381x400)
Of course I had to start out with a striped shade!!

colourful_kitchen__kitchen_ideas__dining-room (550x550)
Look how fun the patterned shades look on the drum shades.

000c0065-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_00000065-06ae-0000-0000-000000000000_20100822214314_nicolettebrunklaus (550x367)
How about a reverse printed shade. These types of shades look so pretty at night with the light coming through. In fact I have one on my front porch…….

porch 2 016 (800x600)

shade-post-lamp-makeover (600x450)

77-swedish-fantasy-bedroom-dec0407-xlg-9429571 (460x360)
Matching bench, headboard, and lampshades in this darling Swedish country room.

If you are not into patterned shades how about a colored shade……

console_and_lamps-320x434 (320x434)

cotedetexas.blogspot.com (320x251)
Cote de Texas Blog

465a88b4570f (354x375)
A bit over the top, literally!!! Still very fun and a bit whimsical.

4af14bccc009 (380x510)
Or maybe a metal shade would work for your room.

img_alpeterhouse_4 (470x569)
This room is full of color all bright and springy,but they grounded the room with the dark rug, and the pop of black shades on the hanging fixtures.

I often add black shades to my lamps for my winter look. Nothing makes a room look more cozy than a black shade on a lamp. The prettiest light comes from a black shade that has a gold lining. It gives the prettiest glow in a room.

 There are two stores I think of immediately when I think of patterned shades.

First: For the unique, Anthropologie



Look closely, this is all crewel work, amazing.


The next store is Pottery Barn for a quieter look:




I love this document drum shade.

Living on the wild side!!

Beach Chic!

Perfect for a lighter Spring/Summer look.

Have I changed your mind about using patterned, or colored shades in your rooms, or do you already use patterned shades in your home?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Adding a little pattern with a lampshade!


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