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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fun Project Making Progress!!

In my previous post I shared with you what Little Sweetie and I had discussed and some of the inspiration photos I shared with her. She told me that the colors she wanted to use were, of course, her beloved turqouise, black and white. The maybes are a heathered lavender in the dining room and the master bedroom. The kitchen in a grey/blue with yellows and orange. I love to hear what people really love and then guide them in a direction in which they are comfortable. I sent her more pictures that showed some of the combinations she was requesting to see if this is what she had in mind. Here are some of the pictures…….
What a fun way to bring in color combinations. I showed something similar in the other post. Fabric on Homasote board makes a great huge piece of art!
All of the above pictures shows the pop of yellow with the turqouise in different ways.
Now let’s look at some turqouise and orange in rooms.
Not a lot of orange but just enough to make this room fun and interesting.
More orange, but now we have a little introduction of the bright yellow in the tulips. Color can be added to rooms in all sorts of ways. It does not always have to be big splashes but something as simple as flowers can make an impact.
I have pictures that  show turqouise used with lavender/purples. This is a combination I had not seen much of and I really like the way it works together.
New life has been given to this night stand with the bright pop of color.
Notice the one heather/lavender pillow on the sofa. Still we have all the colors that my Little Sweetie likes.
This is a good example of pulling colors out of a fabric to make it all work.
This room has popped some red into the mix but it could have just as well been bright pink or the orange.
This room reads as a turqouise room because of the bright rug but most of it is all white. We have a pop of bright pink in the flowers and a touch in the rug border. Another good study on how to do color right. It does not necessarily have to be every where. It just needs to be in the right spots.
Since my last post Little Sweetie bought two oversized dining chairs and she and hubby has recovered them in her bright pop of pink. It looks like they are going to go for the white Ektorp sofa with black and white striped pillows. They will also be adding some floral or patterned pillows to the mix. Paint samples are being purchased and sampled. They are really on the move.  Next post I will talk about paint colors and how we came up with which rooms to paint which color. To be continued………..
“Enjoy the Process” Of: Seeing a project unfold.