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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do You Like The Color GREEN?!


In January I declared my own personal color choice for 2012, Kelly Green.

As time marches on it appears that Green is a lot of peoples color of the year.

It is on several major design magazine covers and I got my Wisteria catalog the other day and fell in love with the cover.

I was so attracted to the green pots on the console. The freshness of the shot really caught my eye.

I love this wonderful warm green, and the shapes are so interesting. I really like the short squatty pot with the handles, and the bowl!

I don’t think there is any color combination that is as fresh as green and white. I am in love with the over sized fern prints.

There is another color combination that I actually love with the freshness of green and white. 

 Add a touch of blue and white to green and you add a soothing touch to the freshness of the green and white combination.

Wisteria has some wonderful items in their new catalog. I highly recommend taking a peek at their Spring Catalog.

Do you like to add a touch of green in your home? How about blue and white with a touch of green? Is this a color combination you can see yourself use, or is it a color you would only like a touch of in your home?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Exploring the color GREEN!