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Friday, May 28, 2010

Will you Eat off of Plastic ??

I know that sounds like a strange question doesn't it?  I have an aversion to eating or drinking out of plastic. It is one of my quirks. With the summer weather upon us we will be spending more time out in our backyard where our pool resides.
Backyard, family room, kitchen, masterbath 023

With pool weather comes barbeques and drinks outside. To prevent broken glass from being stepped on plastic seems to be the most logical idea.
I went looking around on Google and I actually found some great looking plastic dishes. Here are just a few of the ones I found…….
httpwww.touchofeurope.net12678CLOSEOUT -SAVE- Le Cadeaux Melamine Black and White Wallpaper dinnerware.html
This fun set of black and white can be ordered on line, here as well as these colorful dishes below.
o_764[1] (2) 
The next three plates are all by Thomas Paul and you can get them on his website as well as many other patterns.
thomas paul aviaryturtleSide[1]
If you are a lover of Thomas Paul and classic black and white try these wonderful designs he did for Target here.

These come in such great colors and designs from here

More fun colors from Target!
How would you like to add your own monogram and design your own plates .You can do it here at La Plates

These brightly colored plates are on sale right now at Pier I

So after looking at just some of the possibilities I think I am changing my mind about plastic dishes or Melamine, to call them by their proper name.

I do have some pretty precious plates in melamine. My three sons drew on these plates as a gift for me when they were in Kindergarten. I have used them with the grandkids from time to time. Pretty precious drawings by some pretty precious hands.
plastic plates 003plastic plates 004plastic plates 005

"Enjoy The Process" Of: Finding Pretty in Plastic.

BTW: I was in TJ Maxx today and they had some wonderful leaf patterned dishes in Melamine. Check it out!