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Saturday, January 9, 2010


I don't know how many of you are familiar with the catalog Wisteria but they are a lovely catalog full of unusual finds. A lot of replicas of antiques they have found while traveling the world. They are having their annual sale and they have some mark downs  50%-70% off on some items so I thought I would make you aware of a few.

Can't you just see this on a romantic table set for you and someone special with candles and flowers?

How fun is this set of napkins with questions to help make conversations with your teenagers, brillant!

Some napkins for the younger children in your family, I love the bright and fun colors on these

Speaking of children I can just see this in a little boys bedroom ,How fun would that be?

I love,love this mirror,look at the wonderful soft colors and patina and the architectural shape this would add so  much interest to a room

How fun would these weathered clock hands be on a wall with hand painted numerals

Black and white drawings of silver serving pieces how lovely would these be in My,your dining room

Isn't she wonderful Lady Liberty, I love what she stands for and she would  add texture and interest to any mantle or bookshelf
These are just a few of the wonderful items carried by Wisteria when you go there browse around let me know if you find any other treasures
"Enjoy the Process" of finding treasures

Baby It's Cold Outside and I Need Some SUNSHINE

I don't know about you but I need a little sunshine and I live in California .We have had overcast,damp and chilly(ok 50degrees but that feels chilly to me) weather for the last week. I know throughout the country everyone has been hit with a big dose of WINTER.I thought it would be fun to look at some rooms with a bit of sunshine, better known as YELLOW.I am going to show you rooms with a lot of sunshine and some with just touches . The yellow in most of these pictures is very clear and bright. The criteria I used was it had to make me smile and think of sunshine so lets start our tour

Now doesn't this just bring a smile to your face, love the pleated bottom on the sofa. Great use of wall paper by framing it with moulding.

Love this room!Notice how they made the chairs look more current with the bright pop of yellow and then added the cow skin rug for a great touch of texture .Making the walls the soft blue gives this room some nice contrast.

This room is just handsome to me with its charcoal and black color pallette. The pop of yellow makes it more interesting and not too serious, love this.

This office is amazing it only has the pop of yellow in the flowers in the vase but to me that is what took the room to a whole other level,notice the little touch of blue in the bolster pillow and the color of the vase is seen again in the small bowl on the desk. Great Room!!

A simple bath virtually void of color and then they put those two clear bottles with a touch of yellow ,now the room is interesting.

Now the yellow we are seeing is a little more buttery,personally this is my favorite kind of yellow. What can I say about this kitchen other than Yum!

Another golden buttery yellow.Clever use of tile with the stripes and can you see the little touch yellow on the shelves,it looks like a yummy stack of towels ( I love stacked towels)

Another great kitchen, the yellow here is buttery gold and you can see it in the barstools and the chair and just a touch in the flowers, this is yellow in its subtle form

Another yummy buttery gold in the form of yellow.Just a touch in the gord lamp,I am not sure but it looks like a Spitzmiller lamp to me and notice the touch of gold on the console,even the floors give off  a touch of yellow undertone.

Be still my heart, what a gorgeous display of  what looks like French pottery with an ochre glaze,what a gorgeous collection this homeowner has. They continued adding touches of yellow with a bowl of lemons on the amazing island and in the bowl of fruit on the counter.You see you can get sunshine out of a bowl of lemons on your counter. What is the saying about getting a bowlful of lemons and making lemonade?

Last but not least is a picture of Oprah's dining room in her home in Hawaii, now this really makes me smile with its pop of bright pink flowers.

So you see ,if you need a little bit of sunshine add a pop of yellow.You don't have to change your entire room. Just add a bouquet of flowers or a bowl of lemons a bright yellow candle. Simple things yet it can bring some sunshine in your life.

"Enjoy the process" of bringing Sunshine in your life through the use of Yellow