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Friday, March 3, 2017

Our New Coffee Table Has Arrived!

Our Coffee Table Has Arrived And Has Entered The Building!!

Coffee tables are my nemesis. I find it very hard to find a coffee table that I like. I might like individual tables, but find it hard to find a table to go into my own home.

I finally found one that I thought would be the perfect addition to our family room in our new home....

The table I found has a simple boxed frame, and a marble top. The marble top is what made it a slam dunk in my book....

 I also loved it's narrow profile and it was a bit longer than most tables with a narrow profile. 48" X 17".

The day has arrived, and my table has been delivered.....

Isn't she pretty!? The marble top is  so nice and white with just the right amount of movement in the streaking of soft gray.

Notice how nicely the lines of the table marry with the tripod floor lamp. It also goes great with the wall sconces on the mantel Nice simple, clean lines...

I can't wait to see it tonight when I turn on the fireplace and have all the candles on and the lights down low.

I am going to live with it empty for a few days before I attempt putting anything on top of it. 

Remember I am a less is more gal, so this won't be easy for me to get use to something on my new table. For now I am just going to enjoy the beauty of the marble!

Trust me there WILL be  a blog post about how to style a coffee table in the very near future! 😉