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Monday, March 21, 2016

My Dress Choice For A Formal Wedding!

This past weekend was so fun for us. We traveled to Los Angeles for a beautiful wedding of two very special people. The wedding was magical to say the least. It was a formal affair held at the Ace Theater. I could do a post on just this venue alone. It was built in 1920's for Universal Studio to show its movies. Back in the day all the studios had their own theaters to show their films. This is the only one left standing in it's original condition.

Since it was a formal affair I needed to find a dress that would be appropriate. I am going to show you my options I had to choose from and then my final choice.

 I absolutely ♥♥♥'d this dress, however see the way the arms cut in a bit? Well, that just did not look attractive on me, but the dress itself was amazing with the pearl encrusted collar, a classic in my book. If I wore this dress I would have worn some low strappy black heels, with a pearl bracelet and simple pearl earrings.

This classic beauty with it's portrait collar and pearl and rhinestone brooch has an amazing back......

I lightened the picture so you could see the back. I just love it and it fits like a glove!! By the way I kept this classic beauty as well as the dress I chose for the wedding, it was such a classic, forever dress and it fits like a glove too good to pass up!!

Since the wedding is a formal affair a long dress would be appropriate for sure. This dress has simple lines and just a little black sparkle at the waist with side belts.  I would actually wear black sparkly pumps with this dress and black sparkly chandelier earrings.......

This is a simple, yet elegant dress in a stunning cobalt with just a touch of bling. I would wear this with rhinestone chandelier earrings, rhinestone bracelet, silver sparkly pumps and a glittery purse.....


Now for the outfit I actually chose .....

I was so proud to be on the arm of my handsome husband!

 It was a magical evening. Seeing two young people, that are so in love, share vows from their hearts.  It brings back so many beautiful memories of my life with this wonderful man! Thank you to the beautiful bride and groom for allowing us the privilege to share in your special day.

Sweet Memories of our special day 46 years ago and to think he is still my sweetheart!!!