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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Need A Little Encouragement!

I have been given permission from Sande at A Gift Wrapped Life for some, “Allowed Procrastination.” She said it is allowed on Sundays and it is Sunday, right?  I am actually making some progress. I am taking a little break before I go back out to the porch with the hose in hand. 

So far I have:
  1. Potted the plants into the pots.
  2. Removed all furniture onto lawn for a wash down.
  3. Removed screen from window to also wash.
  4. Swept down all loose cob-webs.
  5. Scraped loose paint off of wall planter.
  6. Trimmed dead limbs off my Meyer fern that thinks it is an octopus.
Front porch and yard 001 (604x800) (2)
This is where I sit in the mornings and drink my first cup of coffee .
To Do:
  1. Clean off furniture and screen
  2. Wash windows
  3. Put porch furniture back on porch
  4. Paint planter on wall
  5. Paint lamp base that is terribly chippy( I know for those of you that like chippy paint you would love this, I just have to have it painted)
  6. Sit down and enjoy my efforts!!
After my lunch break I am putting on my ugly hat to protect my hair from the showers that are about to ensue on my front porch. I am getting my hose sprayer and hosing everything down. I love this part because it is like playing in the sprinklers. Wish me luck!! I can use all the encouragement I can get in order  to get this done.
“Enjoy the Process” Of: Spring Cleaning!!


I was in Cost Plus yesterday looking for a new outdoor rug for my patio. I of course had to walk around and look at all the little pretties they have. When I shop I always look at items from a design perspective, not just from an, ”I want that for me perspective.”  I saw these window panels that I thought had such a current look. They are a cotton sheer voile with a jute string going horizontally to create a subtle striped affect. They come in an ivory which is just a soft white and a silver blue/green and a plum. The white and the blue are what caught my eye. I know how many homeowners are loving the burlap look that has been so popular the last few years or more. I think this would be a subtle way of introducing that texture without being over done. I wish the picture gave them justice. They truly look much better in person and are well worth taking a closer look at in the store…….
You can find them here and for $9.99 a panel I think for  a summer look they could give some freshness to a room.
This next panel is not on sale but at $24.99 I thought it was well worth the price. It reminded me of something you might see from Anthropologie for half the price…….
I love the little lime colored bird on this panel. It is appliqu├ęd and it looks more expensive in person than in the picture.  Well worth going to look at in the store.
Just to let you know, I did not find my rug so I am still on the hunt . I am suppose to be outside as I am typing this planting a little ground cover in the back and cleaning off the front porch. Can we all say, PROCRASTINATOR!!!!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Enjoy the Process” Of: Adding a little Spring/Summer freshness to your rooms.