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Monday, January 12, 2015

My Monday Mood!


This Monday I am in a  
RED shoe kind of mood!

There is nothing like a pretty pair of rich, red patent shoes to elevate a basic outfit.

Sometimes we get so use to wearing basics, and neutrals we forget how a touch of a fabulous colored accessory will just make the outfit.

Ribbet Edit colorful accessory

If you choose to wear this formula remember to only wear the color in one area. 

Don’t try matching your shoes with your purse, with your jewelry, with your belt. I am sure you get my point.

Since I am in a red shoe kind of mood I am going to show you some basic outfits that are elevated with the addition of red shoes……
 Alexa Chung - Tan single breasted peacoat, breton stripe shirt, washed blue/grey skinnies and red flats.
This is as basic as you can get, jeans, striped tea, trench coat , black purse, and just one touch of color in the red shoe. I love this look!!

LOVE this look and will definitely be duplicating this once I find the perfect red flat shoes.

Double denim + red flats =awesome.
A classic D'Orsay flat is timeless. (I am still on the hunt for some.)

Next I am going to show you an outfit that has the nice addition of red, but they over did it by adding a matching red purse. Just visualize this outfit with a solid simple black purse. IMHO it would be so much better.


Love this look! RED FLATS and jeans, blazer and rose gold accessories! I WOULD DO YELLOW GOLD AND A BLACK BAG
What I would change:
  Definitely a black purse in the same style as the red, yellow gold for the watch, and pearl studs for earrings. I dress pretty classic so these pieces suit me better.

Beth Ostrosky in a grey pencil dress with red shoes

The collage below shows a range of looks. The red shoe is just the right addition. 

red shoes

The leopard coat red shoes

I find this particular outfit stunning! I even like the color blocked purse in the mix. The reason it is working for me, is the purse is such an unusual and different look, it is unique so it works.

oh-so-fabulous by emersonmade.
Another great basic outfit elevated by red patent pumps.

Add the red shoes for a Valentine's day date night outfit. Super cute!
One thing I have noticed is I seem to be drawn to red with a touch of leopard as well.

This next image has a mix of prints, all of  which I would wear. I wanted to show you this option that is not particularly basic, but in my book it works and I would wear this.

JUST BOUGHT THIS VEST!! Can't wait to wear it!! Striped vest, plaid shirt, skinny jeans, red flats, and brown leather cross body.
This darling lady made a very smart choice by using a basic brown leather bag with this mix, it works better than even a black bag would work, just a little bit more interesting to the eye. 

I know not everyone is comfortable with mixing patterns like this, but if you are, this is a darling casual outfit for you.

Back to Basics!

{how to wear bright shoes} {monochromatic black on black} {pop of color} {red + green}

There is not one element in this entire outfit that matches, and yet it works beautifully. 

This is a good study in color, and texture combinations. In fact when I found this post I was thrilled to see so many options that I loved. Check it out HERE!
See how it works?
Now let me show you some red shoes that I really like…..



I actually have a pair of red ked mules that I wear all the time, especially when we go to the beach in Carmel, so easy to slip off to walk in the sand. These are an all time favorite of mine.

Sam Edelman makes a really comfy ballet flat, in fact I have two pairs of flats by Sam Edelman, and they are beyond comfy. I am not an easy gal to please on the comfort front, since my foot is so hard to fit.

Vaneli Jalo IN RED
I found these to be adorable and I think these are a dress-up, dress-down kind of shoe. I can see wearing them with jeans or a dressier option in an outfit.

If money were not object these would definitely be on my shopping list……

As I stated earlier, I love a touch of leopard with red and this darling Kate Spade shoe would give me both…..

lovely leopard print + a pop of red? yes, please!

I really had fun writing, and sourcing this post. I hope this opens up some new possibilities in your wardrobe. 

Keep in mind, it does not have to be a red shoe, for you, that is just what mood I am in, it can be any brightly colored shoe that you enjoy wearing. 

Just remember the formula……

Ribbet Edit colorful accessory

Have a very HAPPY MONDAY!! Whatever your mood is, just go with it!!

BTW: I WOULD  wear one more red element with my red shoes, and that is the perfect red lip color. You can read about the perfect red lip color I found....