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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer Looks For Earth Toned Rooms


My last couple of post have been about making summer changes in your homes. 

For those that have whites or blues it comes quite easy to add some summer changes.

However, if you like neutrals and earth tones you might feel a bit left out when it comes to a summer look. I know I have a very hard time in the fall for my home and what colors I like to use. So I totally understand the dilemma.

Your look gravitates more towards an autumnal look and feel, and that is your comfort zone. 

But what if you neutral, autumnal lovers want to shake it up a bit and add some summer touches, where do YOU begin?

Today I am going to tell you, and show you some examples of summer looking rooms that don't have the traditional colors we often think of for summer.


When it comes to textures think about what is textural at the beach......

1. Sand
2. Shells
3. Driftwood
4. Baskets, wicker, rafia, beach bags and hats
5. Sea grass, palm fronds, monstera leaves
6. Glass bottles or orbs in clear, amber or green colors

Not one single beachy blue color here and yet you know it is summer because of the green foliage and the beautiful piece of coral. Simple yet makes a huge summer statement.

 Notice how the right touch of greenery can make a room feel cool and inviting and give it that summer vibe, even with darker pieces of furniture. 

Also notice the nice composition and the use of texture in the vases. 

If you wanted to give this  a more beachy vibe a piece of coral in place of the box, or next to the lamp would do that for you.

There is no mistaking that this room is decorated in earthtones and yet they gave it a summer vibe with the addition of all different types of sea shells in beautiful neutrals.

Once again seashells come to the rescue for your summer look. Notice how beautifully they go with this earth toned room. The look is carried out further with the sea fan coral motif pillows.

By adding lighter textural pillows ,baskets and plants your room will feel lighter and more airy. The large beach glass bottles are a nice nod to a coastal look.

You don't have to always add blues to make it look summery or coastal. Here are some examples of color schemes without the soft beachy blues we are use to seeing.....


There is nothing prettier than the sunset at the ocean. No blue here just a beautiful grayed purple like the sky. This would make a gorgeous color scheme in a room.

Another beautiful color scheme with brown at it's base. I know a lot of your might have a brown leather sofa, maybe these are some new colors you could add to your room.

This is so yummy!!

This reminds me of coastal fog.

When trying to figure out what to use in your own neutral  or earth toned room remember your objective is to give it a summer vibe.

For you that might mean tropical or earthy by using natural elements from the beach. Don't limit your imagination by thinking there has to be blues in your room. 

Green is a wonderful fresh summer color that mixes well with just about any color scheme.

I hope this has helped open up a new way of thinking for my neutral and earth tone loving readers. 

You too can have a summer looking room, just use a little imagination. Read the list of elements I made earlier in this post as a possible new elements to use in your rooms.