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Monday, June 25, 2012


I will be taking a brief intermission from my blog due to the loss of a loved one in our family.

Your thoughts, and prayers are appreciated more than you will ever know.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where To Start In Decorating A Room

    What Is Your Design Springboard?

In my years of consulting there was one question that was asked by most, if not by all...

 Where do I begin? 
Which should I choose first? 
The sofa, rug,curtains etc? 

 I wish there was one pat answer but it truly will vary from project to project. 

I did offer a guideline that seemed to apply in the cases where the homeowner was doing an entire room with new purchases.

I would tell them to choose the least available element first. 

In other words, a rug or sofa will be much more limited on choices that you will like than maybe curtains or accessories.

 Paint is a bottomless pit, paint can always be custom mixed, so I never start with a paint unless the walls are going to be the statement, and all other furniture pieces are going to be neutral.
In bedrooms I would have the bedding chosen before we would move onto other choices. 

 In living areas, such as living rooms or family rooms. it would be the sofa or an area rug.

There were the occasions where there was a fabric or an accessory that the homeowner absolutely loved and we would use that as a jumping off point, or what I like to call a spring board.

 On many blogs you see design boards and I love looking at those. Do you ever wonder which element they started with first, what was their spring board?

 In this post I thought it would be fun to look at some rooms that are well done and think about which of the elements the designer or homeowner would possibly have chosen first.

Here is a perfect example of a room with a lovely rug. I would venture to say the client wanted neutrals and some blue in her room so the shade of blue for the fabric was the first choice.

  The reason I think that is because there can be a multitude of different shades of blue in the rug and it will still work. The color of blue on the sofa and day bed are a very specific shade of blue and they are the statement piece in the room. What a gorgeous room done by none other than Candace Olsen.

This room is done in all neutrals with a pop of black and the only lively colors are in the artwork.

 I would imagine that the rug with its interesting border was chosen first for this room.

The right hue of neutrals could be taken out of the background of the rug. The fabrics on the sofa and chair were obviously chosen for their texture and for the fact that they match the rug quite nicely.

 What keeps this room so interesting is the colorful artwork and the use of black in all the right spots. What a warm and inviting room.

Here we have a very handsome bedroom. The back wall is covered in a unique patterned wallpaper. This would be my first choice. In this room I think the spring board is the wallpaper.

 There will not be that many wallpapers that will be pleasing to you so I would find the perfect paper and work off of that.  They kept all other pieces dark and sophisticated and then added this great pop of bright yellow to liven it up.

This keeps the room from not becoming  too serious and dark. The yellow also brings out the gold tones in the wallpaper background.

This room is a good example of one that could have started with several pieces such as the fabric on both chairs or the wonderful armoire.

 Since the armoire is a statement piece with an unusual color I will guess the armoire is the room's spring board or jumping off point.

 Because this room has a country feel and also looks like a home that is on the water, all the other choices were probably pretty easy to make according to color and theme.

I find this picture interesting. Since this is such a large statement piece of art I think the room started here.

 I am not one that matches art to a room, because that can look contrived and I find art to be such a personal statement.

  You will notice just washes of the green overlaying the beautiful lavender color. Using green in this room is fresh and a natural with this piece of art.

The room is kept interesting with the use of texture and pattern in the fabrics. I like these fabrics. These are what I call non-committal fabrics. They are fabrics that will go with just about anything.

I hope this gives you a few options of how to get a jumping off point or Spring board for your next room project.

 I gave you guidelines, but never be afraid to use an accessory that you love as your starting point.  If it inspires you, you can plan a room around it and you will love the process of planning and the end result of a room you love to live in.

"Enjoy the Process" Of:

 Finding your own Design Springboard for your next project.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012



The look for this season is a dewy, fresh look. We all know the only way to have our make-up look good is to have a good base with healthy looking skin. Think of your skin as a canvas.

We all need to take extra care of our skin during the hot months of summer. Swimming in chlorinated pools, more exposure to the suns harmful rays, and the hotter temperatures can play havoc on our skin.

I realize we all have different types of skin so some of the products I use might not be for everyone, but I will share with you what has worked for me.


I have fairly sensitive, dry skin. I have tried lots of different products.

Keeping our face clean is a must, and finding a cleanser that is not too harsh is a must.

There are two products I like to use. One is what just about every dermatologist will recommend.
Cetaphil, and it is tried and true……..

I recently have switched to a new cleanser……….

This cleanser is from France. It can be used on the face, and body. Safe for children or adults. Very gentle, and PH balanced, so perfect for dry, sensitive skin like mine.

I got  a sample to try first, and I loved it. I noticed my skin felt soft, and subtle after using it so I was sold. I immediately ordered a bottle………

This gentle cleanser has calendula in it so it has a light fragrance. I really love this product.



I was a long time Creme De La Mer user. I still think it is probably one of the best moisturizers on the market. The only problem is….. Along with how good it is, you will also pay a premium price.

I must admit even after using it for years I tried to find something that made my skin feel, and look like it did when I used the La Mer, but something that cost less.

I read about a product that was only sold in France which was not available in the United States. I read some really good reports, and was very disappointed that I could not buy some to try.

Well thanks to  blogland I was reading  a blog post and the author mentioned this face cream from France that could be purchased by a company here in the states that imports it.

The only slight downfall is it take about 3 weeks to get, but it is worth the wait, trust me!!

I can not say enough about this wonderful moisturizer. It has really made  a difference in my skin. I feel that my skin feels moist all day long, and the texture of my skin is smoother. For under $50 this product is worth every penny. The other upside is it only cost about 1/5th of what the La Mer was costing me.

Another new product, or at least to me is Almond Oil. I was reading about this oil on a blog where the author likes to use natural products, and it was highly recommended.

I ordered a bottle, and I use it at night time. Love, love how it makes my skin feel. I also love that it is a natural product and it is under $11 a bottle that will last for a very long time.


I love Neutrogena products and I swear by them. I have used this sunscreen for years, and it works for me very well. I also like that it is dry-touch, not sticky feeling.

A fun addition that I keep on hand by the pool out back and in my beach bag is………

If you want a cooling mist that has the most lovely fragrance, and the extra bonus of moisture for your skin and hair, this is for you.

I have used this for years, and I also use a spritz of it on my face to set my make-up after application. You will love this stuff!


Neutrogena Rain bath is another product I have used for years. I love the light sesame fragrance. For summer the refreshing grapefruit or pomegranate is also very nice. This product leaves my skin soft, and keeps it from getting dry


I recently had to switch my body lotion, because Neutrogena no longer makes the lotion in the same fragrance that I loved for as long as I can remember.

I switched to no fragrance Cetaphil. I find it emollient, and if I choose to add fragrance to it I just put a spritz of perfume in my hand, and then add the Cetaphil.

These are the products that I have found to work for me, but since I am a product junky I am always open to new products.

Please share in the comment which products you can't live without.

"Enjoy The Process!" Of:

Taking good care of your skin in the summer months!

Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy In The Summer


Since summer weather is here our skin and hair will be exposed to more drying temperatures, and the harsh rays of the sun.

 I thought it was a good time to share a few of the beauty products I like to use.

I have admitted I am a semi-product junky at heart, but there are some tried, and true products that I have used for years.

You will see products at different price points. Some high, low, and even medium priced products . You will also see products that I will only use one brand.

Shall we start at the top, and work our way down, so to speak?……..


High… Alterna Caviar

Medium…….Joico Moisture Treatment Shampoo

Low……Suave Naturals Aloe and Waterlily

Conditioning Masque:

I only use this one. I ♥♥♥ it. I actually wash my hair at night, put on the conditioner and leave it on over night, then wash it out the next day. I do this twice a month.

I promise, this stuff will leave your hair silky, shiny, soft, and it will smell unbelievably lovely.


High…….. Alterna Caviar

I can’t say enough about this hairspray. It holds your hair yet allows movement. It never feels sticky, or stiff. I notice it also makes my hair a bit more shiny. I am all about the shine!!

Medium…Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray………

When I need a little extra hold this is the one that has worked well for me. It does not seem to leave my hair dry, or brittle like some hairsprays can, and it is reasonably priced.


Last but not least shall we add a little shine to your hair…….

I have used this product for years, it is tried, and true. It gives shine with just a few spritz, and it smells heavenly.


When I am in a tropical area  I know my hair will be exposed to the harmful sun, or chlorine of the pool, I use…

Oscar Blandi Capri Sun shield…………

If you would like to purchase any of the above products just click on the SOURCE below each image and it will take you to a site where you can purchase it.

 This is a picture of the back of my hair after spending the day in Egypt viewing the pyramids on my 60th birthday.

I would love to know what products you have found that you love for your hair. Leave a comment and tell us what you love.

Come back for my next post to see what I like for my skin!!
Enjoy The Process!” Of:

Taking Care of Your Hair With Some Fun New Products!!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

How To Have A GREAT DAY!!!

Do The Following......

Enjoy this glorious day that God has chosen to give you!!