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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Made A Purchase With My Heart

 coco+kelley white and green palette shopping:


In 2012 I did my once a year color prediction for that year and I chose Kelly green.  Kelly green is a color I enjoy wearing as well as using it in my interiors. 

 On a GREEN THEME ! Not how the niches in the display cabinet  have been painted different shades setting off the objet to their best advantage ! #display #green #glass #candlestick #candle #rustic #contrast #white #interiors #interiodesign #designer #picoftheday #photoftheday #bestoftheday #igers #instahub #instagood #:
I still use it 4 years later and to be honest I don't see me not using it in my home as an accent.

 Great use of color in a neutral room, love the lighting above fireplace:

Even if you are not a lover of Kelly green I am sure you have other colors that you love and can relate to this post.

 Neutral backdrop for a gorgeous Emerald bed:

As you all know I am a planner and even when I make a purchase I have a good idea where I will be putting a new element that I want to buy. 

I know most people buy with their hearts, and find a place for their new treasure, but I would say for myself 9 times out of 10 I have a plan.

EXCEPT when it came to a Kelly Green item that I absolutely fell in love with and gasped the very first time I saw it. It was in my friend's home, Terri of La Dolfina.........

Terri called this her cabinet of curiosities and I called it Spectacular on any or all levels. The one pop of Kelly green with that pedestal made this whole composition sing harmoniously. If you cover it up it is still beautiful, but for me, the pedestal made this vignette over the top.

I told her if she ever sold it I wanted to purchase it. At that moment it spoke to my heart and I wasn't sure where I would put it, but I knew it was small enough to work in my home and the color would work well with my black and white base with touches of cobalt blues.

It was a couple of years later and Terri decided to sell it and I was a happy camper and brought it home. I found the perfect spot for it and it was just the right touch in my all black and white guest bathroom....

It was the perfect piece to  hold guest towels.

It has an Asian motif carved into the plaster column, the top is wood and painted the bright kelly green and washed with gold to bring out the design. It has some knicks and chips, but that just adds to the charm of it for me.

In our new home it will not fit in our very small guest bath to hold towels, however I did find the perfect spot for it.

Once I brought out my Spring pillows it was a slam dunk!!

Now it is used to hold a guest's drink instead of guest towels.

When you love something I guess it does pay to buy it. It's interesting to me that the green in the pillow matches the green in the pedestal even though they were purchased at different times for different rooms. If you love something and you are consistent in your design choices and style you will often be able to use some of the same elements in different rooms.

I was so happy to bring out my treasure and place it in our new home. I think it looks as if it has always been here, don't you?

Think about the elements in your own homes. Can you interchange elements from one to another. Are you consistent in your design choices? If you find that you feel as if you are all over the map. Make a vignette of 5 of your very favorite elements in your home and you will see a style emerge and a direction you should go in your own home. I like to do this for my clients. and I make them choose elements that are at least 3-5 years old so it is a long time love, not a new kid on the block kind of love. You can read my post on and Informative vignette HERE to try out my method to see what you come up with.