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Friday, December 12, 2014

Something Is Hiding On My Christmas Mantel This Year!


Christmas fairies quote

This years mantel is a winter wonderland for little creatures great and small. I love a touch of whimsy so this year I added a special little guest.

P1140625 (800x573)

She is going to be somewhat hidden among the greenery in hopes that maybe someone my just catch a glimpse of her.

Christmas fairy

She is just tiny, only about 2-3 inches overall. I wanted her to blend into the snowy background……

P1140623 (800x600)

She needed a little snowy finish so I gave her a dry brushing of white and a good sprinkling of fairy dust (white prism glitter)

She is nestled behind some greenery sitting in the snow…..

P1140650 (600x800)
I wonder if anyone will see her?

P1140651 (600x800)

I love to make little memories for my family and friends, and a touch of whimsy seems to be the perfect way to do it in my home this year. 

No elf on the shelf here, but we have a snow fairy in the woodland snow!!

Christmas Memories 1