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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Am NOT Afraid Of GRAY Anymore!!


fresh and clean ...

Black + White = GRAY!

You would think since I am such a lover of the combination of black and white I would like gray, wouldn’t you? 

For some reason living in a gray room  feels a bit dreary to me so it is not a color choice I have ever made.

If we are talking Carrara marble and it’s subtle touch of gray veining I can live with that gray and I have done so in my entry hall flooring and my guest bathroom.

Nice Gray on walls and headboard

My son decided he wanted to change out the paint color in his room to guess what? GRAY! Luckily he wanted a light gray with all white accents. I said sure and showed him some choices of gray that I thought he might like. The other lucky part is he is doing all the painting.

 A soft greenish gray, Revere Pewter works well in any room of the home
This particular room in our house gets good light, and it also gets a reflection of green from plants outside the window, and a reflection of blue from the swimming pool. 

All of this plays a big part in what hue of gray we go with. Since the blue, and green reflections make a cool hue I decided we needed a warm gray. After swatching 4 different grays we came up with a winner.

Behr’s Silver drop………..

marcs room 012 (1024x638)

Silver drop is the very first swatch on the left.


I highly recommend  silver drop, it is soft, pleasant, and warm enough to not give the room a dreary cold look. 

It has almost turned this Non-Gray-Loving-Gal into a gray lover. I am still not sure I could handle it in my main living areas, but for a bedroom or a den/office I find it quite soothing.

love this

The ceiling in this room has a very, very pale blue  tint with white crown molding. The gray looks very pretty with the ceiling color. 

New blinds are going in, and a little furniture re-arranging so not finished yet but the painting turned out great!!

I will keep you posted on our progress. So much going on this week in my home. Painting, new light fixtures going up in three rooms. Whew! It is exhausting watching others work!!