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Friday, January 29, 2010

Do You Toss Your Throws?

Designer Suzanne Kasler

I have a question for all of you. Do you toss your throws?  You know how you stand back and just toss it on a piece of furniture to make it look as if someone had just gotten up and threw it there .  It is a relaxed comfortable look.  It helps people visualize in their minds how wonderful it would be to sit on that piece of furniture all snuggled up in the softness of that very throw.

Maybe you are in the other camp of those who like their throws nicely folded and placed in a very intentional manner. It will be neatly folded and placed either on the end of a bed or on the arm of a chair or sofa.  I am going to show you some pictures of both methods.  Let me know which way you prefer your throws??? Tossed or Placed
In this lovely and comfortable looking room the throw has been tossed in a gentle manor. I think maybe there was just a little bit of tossing with purpose here. It almost looks too neat to be considered a toss.

This pretty bedroom designed by Lynn Morgan actually has two throws. One on the chaise and another on the bed . These are in the neatly folded and placed camp.  Which way are you starting to prefer?

Whoever did the tossing of the throw here did a great job at making it look as if someone just got out of that chair and tossed the throw on the arm of the chair. This is tossing at its best.

There is no doubt that this is deliberately placed.  This throw is more for decorative purposes to add a punch of color on the all white sofa.  I have had clients use two throws in the same color lined up on the back of the sofa for a color spot.  This is a way to totally change the look of a room  very inexpensively.

I had to show you this picture. It is one of my favorites and  I have had it  in my inspiration file for quite awhile. It is from the  wonderful blog,Three Men and A Lady, written by a very talented homeowner, Michelle.  Be sure and  take a peek at her blog. The transformation of her bedroom is amazing!  It is obvious that Michelle is in the camp of placing her throw deliberately and neatly.  I love the way she took it a step further and actually tucked it under the cushion.  Brillant!

Someone must have been very cold! They have actually realllly tossed two of their throws.

This is a picture from Elle Decor magazine.  First I must say cover me up now!! Love this warm and cozy look.  It has a purposeful tossed look to it.  I can tell that the stylist was keeping this shot nice and cozy, but not messy.

Neat and tidy here! No tossing was done in the styling of this room.

Here we have another neatly placed and tucked throw. Because of its texture and the little bit of rumpling it looks a little more casual.

Definitely tossed!

Very neat and with purpose.

Designer Christina Rottman
This picture from House Beautiful is showing two gorgeous throws that were placed very intentionally almost to cover up the sofa and make the throws the focal point on the sofa. Very interesting

Designer Jeffrey Bilhuber
We have both examples of tossing and placing in this room .

Now you have seen all of the pictures.  Which camp do you fall in?  The toss and go camp. The toss and straighten it just a little bit camp. Or are you in the neatly placed camp?

I bet you are wondering which camp I am in?  Have a guess?

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Tossing or Placing your Throws


BTW: Rhoda at Southern Hospitality has a post on making your own throw, after you make it you can decide to toss or place it.