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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Cheap Spring Fix!!!!

I am like the rest of you when it comes to Spring I come up with all kinds of projects in my busy little mind. Some projects are big and some are just small weekend projects.

The only problem with projects is there never seems to be enough time and money at the same time.

There are other ways we can bring Spring into our homes with every day items we can pick up at the grocery store. Let’s face it if you have a family you area always at the grocery store.

There is nothing prettier than a bowl of produce on the counter. Look for your prettiest bowl in a pretty color or even in a cream or white and add produce and it will brighten your kitchen. Stylist do it all the time.

I took a trip to Trader Joe’s today and I bought some fresh produce and some flowers and I am one happy camper.

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Fence Feb 2011 001 (800x600) 

Have you ever purchased daffodils from Trader Joe’s? They are sold in rubber band bundles. The flowers are not even open, and they are not in water, they are just laying there actually looking quite limp. You snip off the ends and put them in water when you get home and Voila! tomorrow morning they will be all opened up just smiling at me!!! I love that!!

The smell of stock is heavenly and it makes my whole kitchen smell like Spring! Be sure to change the water daily the water tends to sour pretty quickly.

I just wanted to make you smile on Monday!!! I hope this did the trick~!!

Happy Monday!!