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Friday, January 17, 2014

Step By Step Solution For Storing Pillows


Pillows, pillows, pillows  I love you so, but what in the world am I going to  do with all of you?

First I began by…….

Ribbet Edit PURGING

Once I had all the pillows gathered that I wanted to keep, I took off all of the pillow covers that had zippers.

Next I got rid of the extra down inserts that I did not need.

I decided how many inserts I would need by pairing together the pillow combinations I would use at one time for the different seasons. 

You see I change out my pillows for  Fall/winter, Spring, and Summer.(Now you can understand why I have so many.)

In the summer time I will need two 24in pillow inserts for the chairs. 
 Summer pillows 001a (768x1024)

I had an extra long lumbar pillow made for the sofa that has it’s own special insert. 

I store this pillow in the playroom in the winter/Fall, and Spring months because it works well with the playrooms d├ęcor.

Summer pillows 006a (1024x768)

In the winter time I will need two 22 in. inserts and two 20 in. inserts.

family room, blue jay and flowers 009 (800x600)


Ribbet Edit MEASURE

Assess how much storage you will need by measuring the items you plan on storing.

To do this I sat up a folding table in my living room as a holding area so I could see just how many pillows I have.

pillow purging 001 (800x600)

This was at the beginning of my purging.

pillow purging 006 (800x600)
This image shows at the end of my purge. Now they are ready to be measured. 

You will notice the  down inserts have blue tape on the tags. I measured each insert, and put the measurement on the tag so I can see it at a glance.

Now that this is all done what to do with all of these pillows and inserts?


In my last post I posted a great idea, using garment bags……..

Pillow storage
I thought this was such a brilliant idea, but then came the question of where, and how to hang them in the garage.

In my mind I had hubby building a special area to hang these bags. Then a light bulb moment hit me!

Free standing portable closets…..

target portable closet storage

I chose this particular one because it is all metal construction, it had good reviews, and I like the clean look of the white.

You can find it HERE and it is on sale right now. I actually purchased two, one for pillows, and the other for out of season clothing.

This measures five feet wide so it is going to hold all my pillows perfectly. They are short enough that I can have shelving above them for even more storage. 

I think this is a win win solution for my over abundance of pillows. Over 30 to be stored.

This does not include outdoor cushions, that is a whole other show!!!

I hope my little pillow dilemma, and solution can help you out if you have the same storage issues I do.