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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Study In CHECKS!


I have been a long time fan of buffalo checks. In studying different images I discovered something about myself.

As much as I love the combination of a cobalt blue and white, or a black and white, I prefer a softer color pallete when it comes to checks.

I find it interesting that a person can love a pattern, but not always in every color, even when they truly love the color.

If you were to guess, I am sure you would have thought I would love a black and white check since in my own home that is a primary color combination.

As much as I love it on my floors I don’t care for it in a buffalo check that is used on furniture. I am attracted to it, but I know I could not live with its boldness in a piece of furniture.

This is a very important lesson to learn. Don’t just assume that if you like a pattern and you like a color you will enjoy it paired together.

It is very important to understand just how much visual stimulation you can handle.

I have copied images of checks in green, black, and cobalt blue, but after really studying them I realized I don’t think I could live with a piece of furniture in any of those colors.

I have seen a few greens that I might enjoy, but I would really have to live with the idea before I would take the  plunge.

You will notice that all of the images I posted today are a neutral color or a soft blue.

I have looked at, analyzed, lived with the idea of this pattern in these two colors long enough to know I could be quite comfortable in a room with either.

How about you all? Is there a pattern that you love in one, color but not in another color, even though you really like both colors?

You just never know! You might see a buffalo check in my home in the future. Of course it will be accompanied with a stripe!

Now I wonder which colors I will like when it comes to stripes? Hmmmmmm?