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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Long Pillows

I have already admitted my Pillow Addiction(here) so I might as well indulge myself a little bit and write another post about pillows. I find pillows to be one of the quickest ways to change a room. The price point goes from low to high so everyone can afford a pillow once in a while. I particulary love the drama of a long pillow. Have you ever considered the effect a long pillow would have on your bed or sofa. Take a look at these pillows and see what you think?.........

Erin McLaughlin - Style At Home February 2010
I might have placed this long pillow behind the smaller square pillows or even eliminated the small pillows and just place it in the center between the two end pillows. So much more of a Wow! factor than just the smaller pillows, don't you think?

I can not even imagine this bed without this long pillow, can you?

Picture from Cote De Texas
I love this bed with this long pillow made out of a Suzani fabric by Kathryn Ireland.

How fun is this room? I am not an orange girl as you know but this long orange pillow makes the sofa in my eyes.

Picture from Vignette Designs. Picture taken by Delores Arabian
Be sure and visit her blog she does really interesting post and her home is lovely. The next two pictures are from her home and she offered to let me use these pictures.  You see she is not only talented but also a very generous blogging friend.

Design Inc.

What a wonderful statement this long pillow makes in this room. Try to visualize this bed without the long pillow, not nearly as wonderful is it?

Simple but effective.

This sofa has two longer pillows, just imagine if it were one longer pillow, Wow!

Great looking long pillow from Dwell Studios.

Last but not least is Joni's bed from blog Cote de Texas. This is my favorite of all the images. I love checks and  this pillow is extra long and that gives it the drama. What a lovely room, Joni!
Now that you have seen all the images do you think you can find a place in your own home to use a long pillow. For those of you that sew, think of using two table runners as the fabric for a long pillow, that would look great!
 I just came up with a great idea for the playroom re-do. I need to talk to my seamstress to see if it can be done. I will get back to you  on that later.

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Finding places in your home for a long pillow!