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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How I Organize My Beauty Products

spring cleaning

It is that time of year for me! 

Time to start cleaning out! 

I started with an easy area  to help me get in the mood to continue onto the big stuff that is not so easy, (closet, garage, you get the picture.) 

I have a way of procrastinating when it comes to my closet and garage.

Spring cleaning 5

I began with my make-up! 

Recently I made some new purchases so I could not possibly put my brand new items in a messy make-up bag.(Read about new purchases HERE!)

This time around I decided to divide my beauty products that I use ALL the time from the various lipsticks, and other make-up that I only use occasionally. I put the extras in a small three drawer stack of drawers.

Plus, to be honest it is pretty hard for me to get rid of lipsticks, and lip glosses. I kind of have an addiction when it comes to my lips.

spring cleaning 3

The first thing I did was gather all of my make-up brushes to clean. I actually went through 3 different methods to see which one was the best so I could tell you all what really works.

Clean with baby shampoo: I have done my brushes this way before and it seemed to work fine until……..

Clean with equal amounts of Dawn and Olive oil: The premise here is the Dawn cleans them and the oil conditions the brush itself.

Only problem was I think I used too much olive oil so I had to do my final and BEST method as far as I am concerned.

Clean with Dawn: DONE and clean.

I was  amazed at how much more makeup this process got out of my, what I thought was, already clean brushes.

I laid them on a white towel to dry….

Next it was time to organize and purge.

It actually went rather quickly to my surprise.

I used  a stack of three drawers:


The first drawer contains what I start with first, foundation. 

I also put the brushes I use to apply foundation, and concealer in this drawer so I don’t have to rummage through all of my brushes to find just the right on.

Second drawer contains eye makeup and brushes

Third drawer contains my blushes, lipsticks and glosses that I wear on a regular basis.








The next items were my lotions, and potions that I use daily. 

I corralled them in a plastic basket that is easy to clean if I spill something, which I do once in awhile, I am kind of a klutz…

I keep both the stack of drawers, and the basket inside my closet, and just bring them to the vanity counter when I use them. 

spring cleaning 4

So far it has been very easy to keep them clean, and organized because everything has it’s place.

I don’t know if this method will work for you, but it is an inexpensive way to store make-up and keep it out of sight until you need to use it.

How do you store your beauty products? Leave a comment, we can all learn from each other!! 

After all that is why I started this little blog, to tell you all what I have learned, and to learn from you!