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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Do You Have Any Interesting Details In Your Home?


We have all heard the saying, “It is all in the details!”
Mr. Eames took it a step further and said……….

As important as it is to have a good base to work with I think the details can make or break a good design.

As a designer I have spent years looking at, and for interesting details in rooms. I like to add a special touch to my clients rooms that will make their home uniquely their own style.

As a homeowner I think we all want to be able to do that, but sometimes it is hard to come up with ideas.
Today’s post is all about details. Some will be quite noticeable, and others might be more subtle in appearance, but they all will add a special touch to your home.

Go back to the first image in this post……..

In this image we see a wonderful use of molding. The molding does a great job of outlining the architectural details of the room. Against the dark color it becomes a striking feature. I think this would be equally beautiful with a paler color.

This kitchen is obviously beautifully designed, and from the looks of the stove it is pretty grand. Even though we might never have a kitchen this big, or grand we can still take some of the details, and add them to our own homes.

The older piece that is used for the kitchen island could be done by anyone.

Notice the little shelves at the side of the stove to store spices. Look up at the ceiling details by using bead board, and moldings the ceiling becomes a feature.

My favorite detail is the way they incorporated the clock above the stove, love this detail. I could see this used in an entry hall above a closet, and a mirror added in place of the clock. 

By looking closely at details and re-interpreting them for our own homes we can get a unique design.

Notice the interesting manner in which this train shade is hung. It repeats the latch idea that was used to hold the leather belt. 

Wouldn’t this be wonderful in a boys room or an office/den. This could actually be a no-sew project. Simple and yet it looks so interesting, all because of the details.

The use of tabs instead of ties for these chair covers is a fun detail that anyone could add to a chair.

This is not a new idea, and we probably have all done it at sometime in our decorating projects. I love this image because it shows what a difference a simple ribbon trim can make to a plain lampshade. This would be a quick fix for any room in your home.

All the drawers are labeled, but what really caught my eye was the bold lettering on the side. It becomes a much more special piece by adding a little whimsy to the side of the desk.

There are a few wonderful details in this image. The contrast cord welting makes this daybed come alive. Adding two white belts furthers the designs unique look. 

The artwork above the daybed is just colored dots in matching frames. When hung en masse they become more important.

Some of the above ideas are easy and could be done on a weekend, while others would require a skilled carpenter. The one common thread in all of the above details is, they take the room to a higher level.

Next time you start to make some changes in your room, look around and see where  you might add some details to add interest and take you own room to a whole other level.

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Adding unique details to your home.