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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do You Coordinate Your Christmas Wrapping Paper?

When I give a gift to someone I try to make the wrapping part of the present. I think the wrapping should be so pretty that they almost don’t want to open it!!(well, almost!)

I have always coordinated my wrapping papers and ribbons since I had my very first Christmas celebration(42 years ago), in my home with my new hubby!!

Back then I used all foil papers with pretty wide velvet ribbon that I just tied in a simple bow. It always looks so elegant, and I love the way the foil papers shimmered under the tree.

As years went by I added some patterns, usually in gingham checks, stripes and polka dots. All in reds and greens.

I went from reds and Christmas greens to reds and lime greens. When my boys were young I liked the tree, and all of its packages to look like a children’s wonderland, full of bright colors!

In the last ten years, or so I have added my signature black and white color scheme added to the lime green and red.

Several years ago I was on the hunt for a black and white awning striped paper that I wanted to become my signature wrap.( I figured I needed a signature wrap after reading Colin Cowey’s ideas on wrapping gifts. His signature wrap is chocolate brown paper.) I was having the hardest time finding anything until I came upon Nashville wraps!!

Score!!! I found it!!! I just ordered another large roll of the black and white stripes. I also added a fun black with white polka dot paper to add to the mix.
This years wrappings will be black and white with touches of lime green!!!!

I love to wrap a pretty package!! I am excited to get the paper I have ordered from Nashville wraps.  I re-ordered another roll of the stripe. It is called Domino Alley Stripe.

It comes in a cut-box for easy unrolling and cutting. You can get it in different lengths. I order the 85 ft. roll for $19.95.

I also ordered black with white polka dots. I will be mixing it with white paper and another paper that looks like lime green glitter. I am so excited!! I have a few more tricks up my sleeve!!!

I think choosing my wrapping paper is like choosing fabrics or wallpaper. I love to co-ordinate prints.Once a decorator always a decorator!

What colors and patterns do you all choose for your Christmas packages?

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Choosing beautiful wrappings to make your packages special for the special people in your life!!