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Monday, March 7, 2011

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

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We have all heard that saying throughout our lives. I never thought too much about it until I had  several decades under my belt.

Now I can totally relate. Of course I will relate this saying to design since that is my passion. I have learned that most design is actually a copy of something we have seen or something from the past that we tweak to make our own.

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If we are a creative type we like to think that we are original and never like to copy or follow the trends, but the truth of the matter is…… Most likely someone has already done it.

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With as many shelter magazines or the new addition of online magazines, and all of the design blogs we are actually over stimulated with visuals of  beautiful interiors.

I can not say I really ever get tired of seeing a well appointed room, but I will say I feel less, and less inspired these days. I find myself saying, “Been there done that!”

Now, granted I have not seen it all nor have I  done it all. But, with what is within my reach I feel I have seen pretty much the same-old, Same-old as the saying goes.

I am an optimist and I love life so I am always looking at things from a positive perspective, or at least I try too. So I realized I needed to dig a little deeper because I have not liked feeling un-inspired.

 I knew that I had to look inside myself a little bit and basically analyze myself and my design aesthetics.

This is what I discovered on my little journey…………

I have always claimed to be a traditionalist who loves a little of the unexpected and a bit of whimsy here and there. I am pretty solid in my taste. I still feel the need to shake it up now and then. So guess what I found in my searching around that has me excited???!!!!!

Darryl Carter (333x500)
Daryl Carter

book (454x450)

“The New Traditional” by Daryl Carter. This book came out in 2008 so I am three years behind but that is Okay with me.

 I just got the book yesterday and I am looking forward to being open to a new way of looking at my Traditional style. I think that is really what being inspired is all about.

One must be open to new ideas in order to become inspired!

Guess what else is on the horizon?

Traditional Home magazine has partnered with Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline, founders of Lonny on-line magazine, and they will be bringing the new on-line magazine, “TRAD!” to us, another new take on traditional design. It is due to come out in May!!

I am looking forward to seeing what TRAD has to offer. I am going to start exploring more of what “The New Traditional” look is.

I will try to do some post on this subject in the future. I will share what I am learning along with you all.

I believe we all have to stay on a learning curve no matter our age and always be open to change. I am excited to see what I might discover and be adding or taking away from my own home.

I love the journey in design it is ever changing and evolving. Whether or not it is a new/old style revisiting, we can still get a fresh perspective by being open to new possibilities.

How about you all, do you feel in a rut?

What if you look and dig a little deeper and maybe you will  come up with a book or a new look with some of your own wonderful imagination and creativity.  If you are open the possibilities can be endless. As I always say………

“ Enjoy The Process!” Of:

New Possibilities!!