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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day!

May your day be filled with what is truly important……. The people that you love!!

Counting my blessing would take forever, but I can sum it up with what is truly the most important to me. To have been loved, first by God, my parents, my husband, my family and my friends. If you have love in your life, you have been blessed with the best gift of all.

Blogging has become such a wonderful part of my daily life and all of you are the reason why!! Thankyou, thankyou for just being out there willing to read, absorb and for letting me know what you think!!

Have a wonderful day today and I am sending you special cyber-pie!!
My Mom bakes the best pies ever, so to each of you have all the pie and whipped cream you would like……….

Tday pies 2010 001 (800x600)
Apple, walnut and pecan!!! Vintage cake plates are holding the pies. I have a silver revere bowl with vintage spoon to scoop piles of whip cream on the pie.

Tday pies 2010 005 (600x800)
I used a large vintage French linen dish towel to sit these yummy pies on.
Tday pies 2010 006 (600x800)
Monogrammed dessert napkins from Pottery Barn. If you don’t own these you really need to get some. They do up so nicely and they are very reasonably priced.
Easter day 09 076
In this picture my Mom/Mima is saying,"I Love YOU Big Bunches!" That is what she has always said to my boys and their wives and now she says it to her Great grandchildren. They all love her Big Bunches too!

My Mom has been here for the last couple of days and these pies are her handiwork she is kind of famous in our family for her pies. All of my boys Looooove Mima’s apple pie.(it really is amazing) I have had so much fun spending time with her in the kitchen. There is nothing like a Mom to put the love in Thanksgiving day!!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!!

“ Enjoy the Process of Eating today and Dieting tomorrow!!”