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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Colors Will Be In Your Spring Garden?


Porch Easter flowers 2012 001 (800x492)

Are you starting to get ready for Easter? I am working on my flower beds and adding some fresh new flowers.

I love to plant fresh flowers in my flower beds. This years Easter colors are soft yellow, purple, and white.

I  already have a nice backdrop to add color with the white cyclamen in the flower beds  from the winter. 

The cyclamen will be replaced with soft lilac and white impatiens once the cyclamen start to fade.

Porch Easter flowers 2012 002 (541x800)

Porch Easter flowers 2012 003 (800x514)

This is the planter to the right of my French door. I love the black planters, and I have to have a lantern to burn at night, I love the glow of candlelight.

I get the prayer candles in glass containers so they won't melt all over. The glass holder contains the wax even if it gets soft or melted from the hot sun.

Porch Easter flowers 2012 004 (404x800)

In this image you can see that my soft yellow house is trimmed in black. I love the contrast. It is also a nice introduction to my entry hall floors which are black and white marble.

Porch Easter flowers 2012 005 (600x800)

I always have fun planting this cast iron planter. It will be much prettier when the impatiens start to spill over the edge.

Porch Easter flowers 2012 006 (600x800)
This cement pot is to the left of the front door. It is old, and chipped, but I don’t mind, I think it adds to its character. In the center I have a lime colored lemon juniper, it actually smells like lemons.

Porch Easter flowers 2012 007 (800x600)

Porch Easter flowers 2012 009 (600x800)

Porch Easter flowers 2012 010 (464x800)

Porch Easter flowers 2012 011 (514x800)

I think purples, and yellows just say, “Easter!” I usually use pinks, but this year I thought I would try something new. I am glad I did. I am really enjoying this look.

Here are a few images to inspire you …….

You name it, and they have it in this plethora of Spring blooms. This is beyond gorgeous with the cobalt blue building as a backdrop.

How about an all yellow color scheme? Very pretty, and cheerful.

All whites with different textures and shades of green. I find this to be so interesting. I like to use different textures and shades of green to add interest to my garden flower beds.

You can never go wrong with purples and pinks, notice the lime green foliage, and how it really makes the purple pop.

Lavender pansies, bright pink geraniums and lime creeping jenny make a great combination in this pot.

I hope this has inspired you to do some Spring planting. Easter is only FIVE days away.

I need to get off the computer and get some more planting done. I am off to my backyard. I will be using purples, whites and pinks back there!!

What colors are you planting in your Spring garden this year?

“Enjoy the Process!” Of:

Planting fresh flowers for a fresh Spring look in your garden.