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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Design Quirks or Sensibilities?

Love,Love this entire room!

In writing  post for my blog I am discovering I have quite a few ."Design Quirks."  Have you ever sat down and written  your own quirks?  You know the things You HAVE to have in your home to make it your very OWN.  The way you have to always have a certain area look, or the world will fall off it's axis!

Actually what "Quirks" turn out to be is your personailty coming out in your home.  Quirks are the elements or the design sensibilities that you have as a homeowner.  I am going to share with you , a few of my "Quirks."

I have to have a clean kitchen counter!  I have a rather large kitchen bar area and if it has anything on it I have to clean it off immediately.  I love for it to look open and uncluttered.  Keeping this in mind, I need a kitchen that has enough counter space to allow wide open spaces. Here are some pictures of kitchens that would more than meet this little Quirk requirement:

Give Me Wide Open Space

I love all the wide open spaces on these counter tops. Notice there is not just one island but TWO and look at its shape.  This is a really interesting mix.

Another great and open bar area, really cute bar stools, love that check.

These counters have some items place on them but they are not overly clutered  The accessories  give this kitchen warmth and style.

Nothing needs to be said here except," Perfection!"

Again there are a few items placed on the bar but it has an open uncluttered look. This more than meets my Quirk requirement.

Talk about wide open spaces!!!

Let Their Be Light

There has to be light in my home.  If it is a dreary day out, I have lights on.  If it is a sunny day out, I have lights on!  Good lighting is key to me.  Unfortunately it is a costly little Quirk when we get our Electric bill. Joni at Cote de Texas has a wonderful post on sconces and how she always leaves her sconces on even in the daytime and also tries to talk her clients into doing so.  She would not have to talk me into it because I am of the same school of thought on that issue.

Last but not least by any means is Joni's wonderfully designed living room with all of her lights on.  My kind of girl!

I Can't Breathe! I Need Air!

I have to have open and airy rooms with lots of natural light spilling in to the rooms from open windows. I am not one that dresses my windows with heavy draperies, I like to think of the windows as a frame to the beautiful view outside.  I will often have my windows open to let in lots of fresh air.  I have been known to open them even on cooler days just to air out my home and let the air circulate.  If it is too terribly cold or rainy outside I turn on my whole house fan for a short period of time to circulate the still air in my home, I told you I have Quirks.  Have you noticed that a couple of these Quirks are costing my hubby some money?

Open windows, Aaaah! Notice the dark steel framed windows and french doors.  Many home owners are changing their white window frames out for these dark steel beauties.

Can't you just smell the fresh air and feel the gentle breeze? Again I say Aaaaaah!

No window dressing here just beautiful windows and lots of light.  I am loving this Greek Key floor tile (note to self, future blog post,Greek Key designs)  Another fun and interesting idea is look at the mirror spacer between the two cupboards. (keep this in mind for future projects)

Lots and Lots of Windows, Love it!!! Notice the draperies pulled to the farthest edge of the window. If you are going to drape a window for softening the edges or for privacy, make sure you have room to pull it over to let in as much light as possible.


I Hear Music!
I like a little background music playing in a room.  If there is not music playing the house feels dead to me.  Nothing jarring or loud,just a soft background of music, You know the kind you hear in the spa. This will require a nice sound system and a good resource for the kind of music I like.

My Strangest Quirk

When I clean my kitchen sink out I have to dry out the sink, make sure the faucet is polished and then......The faucet has to be lined up straight in the middle,not to the right or the left but in the middle. Okay this is just a little weird but what can I say?  Trust me I realize this is probably the strangest of all of my Quirks but let me show you some examples of straight vs. to the side. I will let you be the judge. Which looks better to you? 

To The Side! Oh No!!

Straight! I rest my case.

Straight! YES!!!

This pains me since this is one of my favorite kitchens, but what were they thinking? It is leaning to the left.  They do get bonus points for the open window.

Leaning to the left, what a shame.

Two sinks, Two faucets nice and straight!

Have you ever thought about your own litte Quirks I hope I am not the only one out there with Quirks or maybe we should rename them, "Design Sensibilities".  In making a list of your quirks you might find some requirements or elements you need to change in your home.  Let me know what you come up with  I would love for you to share , some of your Quirks Design Sensiblilities with me and the other Loyal Readers.

"Enjoy the Process," Of: Discovering some of your Design Sensibilities.


I just found out that Vicki at Room Service- Decorating 101 just posted her own Design Quirks.  Go and take a look.  This could be fun if others would post their Quirks throughout blogland.