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Saturday, October 22, 2011

DIY Art Project For Fall!

What do you get when you have a beautiful Fall day in the 70’s, and add a walk with your nine year old granddaughter?

An Art Project! A Fall Collage!!
We took a walk to try, and find leaves, and pretty pieces from nature to make a collage.
The plan:
Sweet granddaughter would arrange, and place Fall goodies, and Grammy would do the hot glue.

What you will need:

One child with a great imagination, and potential to become a little designer in the future.

A walk in the park

Hot glue gun

A piece of scrap wood

A wood chop stick for child to use to press down leaves once Grammy applies hot glue( no pinkies were burned  in the making of this collage.)

What you will get:
Time to sit, and marvel at how creative your young artist is and watch how they can create beauty.

The Process:

Sarahs Fall Art Collage 2011 Oct 004 (800x600)
She decided she would start with the left side first and then work her way to the right……..

Sarahs Fall Art Collage 2011 Oct 005 (800x600)

Sarahs Fall Art Collage 2011 Oct 006 (800x600)
Right side: She was very careful in placing the bean pods, and the fun little round berries, just so. I had so much fun watching her little mind at work. She was so strategic in the placement of each piece and she actually had a method all her own.(Grammy set back and watched with pride!)

The Finished Product!
Sarahs Fall Art Collage 2011 Oct 003 (800x600)
Sarahs Fall Art Collage 2011 Oct 007 (800x600)
So if you have an extra hour, or so in your day, and need some fresh air, take a walk with someone you love and see all that God has to offer. I feel like I had a little piece of heaven today……..

Happy Fall !