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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Finding The Perfect Summer Sandals

In my previous post on summer shoes I began my hunt for some fun on-trend summer slides.

It is very hard for me to find a shoe that fits my narrow foot, is comfortable, and is stylish and cute.

I have ordered several pairs and sent back several as well. I love ordering from Zappos they make it painless to send back anything. My orders arrive quickly so it is a win-win in my book.

Today I will show you what I have ordered, sent back and the one's I kept.

This is a pair that I kept, they are extremely comfy, they are almost too wide, but I can get away with them for hot summer days when my feet will probably get a bit swollen.

 They do run a bit short so I would order a 1/2 size up, if you wear an 8 order an 8 1/2. This color is so versatile as well, like a pair of faded denim jeans. I will enjoy wearing these this summer.

This next slide came from Nordstroms and is on sale right now......

These are very comfy and they fit nicely. I am still debating on whether to keep them or not only because the band on the top of the toe area sits low and I am not sure how much flopping the back heel will make. 

Initially I loved them and then I walked around the house and they were fine, just going to revisit them today to see what I think. I also have some others coming for a little comparison shopping. So the jury is still out on these.

I needed something that could be dressed up or down and was a bit neutral so these next slides fit the bill for me........

My style tends to be a bit classic/preppy so these are a perfect shoe with the tassel for a preppy look. I have to say these fit beautifully because they came in a narrow and they were immediately comfortable. No debating went on with these, they are definitely keepers.

I absolutely loved the way these looked on my feet, they were also very comfy, however too wide for my narrow foot, so back they went, but I would recommend these. Shop bop turned out to be an easy online shop to work with as well. Easy returning process.

In the beginning of all my looking I had decided I wanted to find a fun casual slide, a neutral and a fun statement slide. I have the fun casual slide and the neutral, but I am still on the hunt for the statement slide.

I have two more coming my way to see if they work before I make the final decision on the cobalt blue slide......

Yellow is a color I mix in my wardrobe a lot, so I thought this pair would be fun to try. Fingers crossed that they work.

These have a bit higher heel than the others I have ordered. The navy will work with just about everything in my wardrobe and the extra height will be good for my short stature, that is if I can walk on them and feel stable.  

One good thing about the block heel coming back in style is they are definitely more stable. These are on their way!

I found so many cute slides in my searching and have a couple more pairs in mind if the above slides don't work out for me........

This slide would fall into the statement and neutral category. Don't you just love the casually tied bow. It is not too fru-fru for me.

This next shoe is so adorable and the more expensive of all of them, it has so many colors in it, plus it has pom-poms, I just love pom poms. These would definitely be a statement slide.....


Remember when wearing a statement/colorful shoe..........

Hope you found a little inspiration in my post and feed back on what I have ordered. I will keep you posted on what I finally wind up keeping. Can't keep them all!! 

Shoe sources I like to use are:
Shop Bop

Easy ordering and returning 
with free shipping both ways!!