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Friday, April 6, 2012

Are You Busy Prepping For Easter?


I am sure we are all busy getting ready for Easter by now. I have been working on my yard this week. Planting some fresh flowers in the front, and backyard.

I decided to use purple, pinks and whites in the backyard. As you are about to see my house is painted a different color in the back than it is in the front. Yes!, you heard right.

I chose to use a cooler color pallet in the backyard by using a soft sage green with cobalt blue accents.

Our summers get very hot here in our part of California so I wanted to make it cooler back here.

Backyard plantings 001 (623x800)

This first picture shows a small flower bed where I have purple pansies, white allysum and bright purple/pink bougainvillea. The cobalt blue pot holds a draping Japanese maple that is just getting its pretty lacy leaves.

The giant P on the fence was purchased last Fall at the Alameda Pointe Antique Flea Market. When I first saw it, it was covered in dirt and actually looked like marble, but on closer examination I realized it was just dirt.

I had three friends with me that encouraged me to get it and I am so glad they did. I asked how much and she said $5, Seriously?! Then she added, “no extra charge for the dirt.”

As I cleaned it up, I found out it was an old neon light. It still has the neon light inside. I really need to explore about getting it fixed. If not, I will just have Hubby put lighting inside. I think it will look so cool at night all lit up!

Backyard plantings 004 (800x686)

Backyard plantings 005 (607x800)

Another cobalt pot, this time with a lime tree surrounded by pansies.

Backyard plantings 006 (600x800)

This soft sage green pot with blue accents holds a palm right by the patio door.

Backyard plantings 009 (697x800)

I took this picture in bright morning sunlight so the ivy covered fence looks a bit bleached out, but I had to show you the maple. Right now is when it is at its best, all new bright red leaves, I love the contrast with the green background.

Backyard plantings 010 (470x800)
This pot holds our lemon tree by the steps going to our pool slide on the deck.

Backyard 016 (800x600)
This shows the pool at dusk. The white object in the middle is a fountain. I love the sound of trickling water.

Backyard 013 (800x600)
This picture was taken last year before we hung the “P” on the fence. We eat out here when the weather allows.

Backyard 022 (800x600)

Backyard 011 (600x800)

A comfy place to sit. The monogrammed pillow comes from Pottery Barn.
Backyard 021 (800x600)
Another comfy place to sit and visit.
Backyard 025 (800x600)
This is where we will be on Easter Sunday with our family. There will be croquet, and of course the traditional Easter Egg hunt.

Are you all busy getting prepped for this wonderful celebration with family and friends?

I still have lot’s to do so I had better close for now!

I am, “Enjoying the Process,” of getting ready for Easter!!