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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Angel Wings And Other Fine Feathered Things

Every year right after Halloween I go shopping with a friend to Walmart!! Yes! you heard right, Walmart. Why? you might ask. Well, we like to go there to see what they have for Christmas ornaments, wrapping and ribbon.

This year was no exception, they had a wonderful array of colors, and designs in their ornaments. I wish I had taken pictures of some of my favorites.

For my dining room and kitchen area I am going to have an angel wing theme.

Actually I should probably clarify……..
I saw this image last year, and I fell in love with it………..

I have a special fascination with angel wings so I was naturally drawn to this image.

I knew this would be in my decorations somewhere this year, and the dining room chairs will be a perfect place to have these little lovelies.
You can order them HERE if you are interested.

I actually used feathers in my entry hall last year so it will be an easy visual transition into the dining room.

Since white feathers seem to be the direction I am going, when I went to Walmart I looked at  all the white, or frosty looking ornaments they had.

I was amazed at how pretty some of their ornaments were.

All the ornaments were ranging in price from $.97 to & $1.97.
I am here to tell you, if I did not know I was in Walmart, many of the ornaments could have passed for much more expensive ornaments that I have seen in   Christmas specialty shops. 

I like to keep my elements pretty tight so I purchased some fun white feathered balls, white frosted pine cones and a couple of clear iridescent,  sparkly ornaments….
Christmas ornaments 003 (800x600)

I am not totally sure how I am going to incorporate them, but I know they will work with the overall look. At that price I had to buy them.

Christmas ornaments 002 (800x600)
They also had beautiful sparkly ribbon for $4.97 for 25ft. It is so pretty. I purchased the white, but I think I have to go back and purchase some of the lime green!

This years Christmas dining room will have a snowy, ethereal look to it. This should be fun!!!! My mind is starting to spin!!!! How about you all? Are you starting to formulate plans for this years Holiday season?

I know it feels a bit early for some and then there are probably those of you who are well on  your way. I think I probably fall somewhere in the middle!!

It is a bit cold and rainy today so I am totally in the mood to …….. 

"Dream of a White Christmas, even if the snow will only be  inside my home!!”

“Enjoy the process!” Of:

Dreaming about your own Christmas fantasy!