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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Changes Are Happening Around Our New House!

This past week the kitchen back splash was completed. The original order for the handmade tile that I waited over 6 weeks for came in wrong, so there was more waiting. I chose the same tile we had used in our previous home. It is classic and has a beautiful glaze that almost seems iridescent in certain lighting.

 BEFORE finished back splash...

   This was taken right after the grout was finished.

 AFTER! TA-DA........

To say we love it is an understatement. This one project made our new house feel even more like HOME!!

 Now for other news around our home...

The construction has begun in our house!! All  the door openings in main living area are being wrapped and door facing will be added. 

There will also be crown molding added to the living area and small hallways. To say we are excited is an understatement.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile you know I am a planner and I like to share my thinking process with you in order to maybe teach you how to look at your own homes differently.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and the one saying I try to abide by keeps coming up in my head.

"When in doubt, DON'T."

There is one element I have gone back and forth on in my head, it is a small detail, but it could make or break the overall design for the molding.

Before we ever moved into our new home I thought the fireplace wall was my nemesis. As it turns out, it has worked out beautifully, and has not been the problem child I thought it would be.

All along I wanted to wrap the niche surround with molding just like it was a door in order to give it a bit more importance. 

I also had plans of putting one large molding frame on the back wall that would follow the lines of the niche. 

The little hallway back wall would have the same treatment. Very much like what is above the fireplace surrounding the mirror.

Now that it is time to do it, I am having second thoughts! REMEMBER> "When In Doubt, DON'T!"

I made a decision and I am going to have the carpenter finish all the openings, and the crown,  then I will address these two walls. 

For some reason it all of the sudden started feeling like too many lines in my minds eye, sooooooo. When in Doubt, DON'T!

If I feel it needs something more, we will add the framing after everything else has been addressed.

Design plans are a wheel in motion and you can stop them or make them proceed, just do it at the right time, better before than after something has gone up. You are the one that has to live with it, so be happy with your results by planning things out and be willing to undo the design when you have doubts.

Here are the very beginnings of the entry door frames...

All the door frames are 3 1/2 in. casings.
I can already envision how it is going to look even in its raw state. I am so excited!!

In the background you can see the little wooden lamp on the mirrored table. I finally found the box that it was packed in and my hubby got it out for me to play with.

I got the little bunny print on Etsy and it holds a special memory for our family. 

The little black and white specked bunny looks just like a pet we had. His name was Domino and he was a very special bunny. My son found him in the park behind our house. We guessed his age to be about 6months old.

Right out of the gate Domino was user friendly. Bunnies either are or they are NOT.

We could hold him like a baby, he could stay in the house and he actually taught himself to be let out when he needed to go out. He was house trained all on his own. 

He ran freely in our backyard and every morning when he heard the water running to make coffee he would hop quickly to the back door for his morning treat. He was so special to us all.

Now back to the mirrored tables vignette...

I knew it looked perfectly fine, but something bothered me about it. I was not quite sure what. Maybe too cutesy, sweet, contrived??? Too many small pieces not saying enough.

Then it came to me!!

Add a black lampshade like I did in the great room, on the white lamp...

Having the shades match made more sense to me and would keep the eye flowing instead of stopping.

The black lampshade would ground all of the mirrored finishes in this area, as well.

So I did a switcher-roo .......

 I like the look and feel of the black with the texture of the natural wood and the shine of the mirror.

I tried some books under the picture but it felt like too much to me. I think I need different books to do that. 

I have a feeling this little area will always be in process!

So there you have it! Things will really be on the move this week with all the molding so I will keep you all posted!!