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Monday, April 8, 2013

My NEW Obsession!!


I have a new obsession and it all started with the color cobalt blue and a trip to Paris.

What do you get when you add………..


Evening In Paris perfume bottles


I have my own childhood memories of this perfume. I remember a bottle sat on my Aunt's dressing table and I was fascinated by the beautiful cobalt blue glass.

I remember smelling the fragrance, and thinking it was terribly strong smelling, but was still fascinated by the bottle.
evening in paris bottle

I started looking for information about this iconic perfume.

As I started reading about this fragrance I discovered that it was formulated by the same man, Ernest Beaux, who formulated Chanel No.5.


I also remember that people talked about how strong the fragrance was, and since it could be purchased at Woolworths, and dime stores at the time, it was not taken  as seriously as some of the other fragrances of that era.

However, Evening In Paris took the American Market by storm in 1928. It was specifically formulated for the American market, and was soon to be touted the perfume that was worn by more woman in the world than any other perfume. I guess you have to at least take that seriously.

It is no longer produced but a re-issue came out in the 90’s and from everything that I have read is a far cry from the original scent, and not in a good way.
Once I started looking at all the different shapes, sizes and style of bottles I became obsessed!

I succumbed to my obsession by purchasing something I had never seen before.

It is actually a little compact for your purse and it has a mirror and I believe it held powder, or rouge at one time….

The cobalt enamel has etched depictions of activities and sites to be seen in Paris. Just looking at it reminds me of our wonderful trip last year to Paris.

I found it on Etsy  at a shop called Rose and Thatch the shop owner, Karen, makes one of a kind pieces of jewelry from vintage finds.

It has some wear and tear on it from being in someone’s purse, but that just adds to the charm of the piece.
Remember I said I was obsessed so my purchase did not stop with just one piece.
Evening In Paris made cobalt glass vials that some people call lay down bottles.
I found one that was made into a necklace by using vintage carnival glass beads. They are a gorgeous black glass bead with an amazing iridescence to them.
1920s cobalt flacon
necklace_evening_paris (361x800)
I am not done!! I found yet another bottle, and it still has it’s original silk tassel. 

My next purchase is a very small round bottle that was carried in ladies purses.
I plan on finding a vintage chain to wear it as a  Sautoir, (An extremely long neck chain, which falls below the waistline and terminates with a tassel or pendant. Popular in the early 20th century)  

This look is very on trend right now…..

The triangle label you see on this bottle is one of the first labels that was used on Evening In Paris perfume products, so this little beauty has survived since 1928.
The cobalt glass was made in Austria and the tassel is real silk.  Pretty nice quality for a dime store perfume, wouldn’t you say?
evening in paris bottle
I told you I am obsessed, and I want to continue looking for more vintage bottles. They fascinate me.
Have you ever found yourself totally enamored with an object like I am with the beautiful cobalt blue glass of the “Evening In Paris,” perfume bottles?

I will be "Enjoying The Process," Of:
Hunting for Evening In Paris cobalt blue perfume bottles.  
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