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Wednesday, September 16, 2015



26 Beautiful Townhouse Courtyard Garden Designs | DigsDigs

The sound of water flowing has always been so soothing to me and I have discovered it is a requirement for my well being. 

In our previous home we had a pool that had a fountain in it, a bubbler, and a small fountain on my front porch. I could see and hear all of the fountains if my windows were open, and it gave me such peace of mind.

the Polished Pebble: Just A Bit of News:
In the planning of our new home I knew that having a fountain/fountains in our backyard would be one of the main features in our backyard. 

Since I am working with Debra Phillips in the planning of our backyard landscape I know I am in good hands when it comes to the final outcome of our yard.

I like the pergola, with the center fountain, the flowerbeds except for the arbor vitae, not a huge fan, it gets a bit over grown but like the variation of greens interspersed with flowers:

I love sourcing, and I have looked, and looked for fountains. I have several pinned, and I seem to go for the more simple designs, no surprise there. I do like simple lines without a lot of frills.


Originally I had a trough style fountain in mind, but Debra brought up the point of having to have a masonry type wall built to house the spigot.

Brick Walkways All Lead to a Central Point One of the great things about brick is that pavers come in a plethora of colors and finishes. Create an old-world look in your backyard by mixing colors and withholding mortar typically placed between each paver. Have your pathway lead to a beautiful focal point, such as the water feature in this garden. To add to the mature appeal, this landscape boasts aged cypress fences that blend beautifully with the old brick.:
She is keeping my budget in mind, now that is what I call a good landscape designer. The other detail she brought to my attention is the style of my home, and what will look best with its architecture.

All green....but lovely!
This is my first time ever working with a designer on one of my own projects, and I can see how Debra is keeping me on the straight and narrow if I waver with the budget or the overall design. 

She does it ever so gently always followed with an alternative, and good advice. She is a joy to work with!!

What's New?  Things I'm Liking At The Moment!!!:
Since there will be two fountains, one on our side patio, and one in the back they need to pair nicely together as far as the styling goes. 

The side patio will have a wall fountain since space is limited and the backyard will have a larger fountain that can be somewhat of a focal point.

Courtyard Sanctuary - Birmingham Home & Garden - May/June 2013 - Birmingham:
Throughout this post I will show you some fountains and tell you what I like about each of them, then you will understand why it is hard for me to make this decision, and why I am so pleased to have Debra as my guide and garden designer.

Borghese in Basin Fountain - Garden Fountains & Outdoor Decor:
This would be used as the focal point in the back yard. 

I like it’s simple lines, it is not too massive for my cottage style home. I think it looks like a happy fountain that would make a wonderful sound.

I also like the bowl around the bottom. I can see myself planting a ring of pretty flowers and plants around the base.
Garden Fountains:

This looks very classic to me with it’s simple lines. I love the way it is sitting on a rectangle base, and then the fountain itself is round in shape.

I could see a circle of boxwood around this beauty with impatiens planted inside the ring of boxwood. 

As much as I love this one I am wondering if it’s scale is too large for our small yard. This is where having Debra on board is so helpful, she will know exactly what scale I need in our yard.

Provence Fountain - Garden Fountains & Outdoor Decor:

Simple lines with a bit of interest in the curves of the bowl, and it has spigots.!

For some reason I have a thing for spigots, who knew?

One of the things I love about sourcing and design, is I discover new things about my taste, and style all the time, and I am always on the learning curve.

I can see boxwood and simple flowers around this as well. I bet this makes a wonderful sound. This one seems to be just about the right size in my minds eye.

Concrete Tiered Water Feature: Giannini Garden Ornaments:  Carrara Urn:
This is somewhat typical for a tiered fountain, however what makes it a bit different, and what I like about it, is it’s lack of ornamentation, clean simple lines, and instead of a finial it has an urn with several holes for the water to come out of, which I think would make a lovely sound.

This is the perfect size for our yard as well. Again, boxwood and flowers in a ring around this fountain.


Since we have a side patio I will also be using a wall fountain there. I have to keep in mind the amount of space, the style of my home, and the style of the main fountain out back. Each fountain needs to marry well to the other.

Behind this fountain will be a vining espalier as a backdrop.

I would like to have a small planter where I can plant ferns and shade loving plants for a cool atmosphere on the side patio which will be in the shade most of the day.

Definitely want an espalier and I like the small leaves on this vine, not sure what it is though.:
Espalier vine will be the backdrop.

Colonna Fountain - Garden Fountains & Outdoor Decor:
Simple lines with a nice curved bowl for the water to drop into and look another spigot! I am getting my spigot one way or another, LOL.

This is a nice size, and can make a statement without becoming too in your face. Just a pleasant sound, and simple look to soothe away the hours.

Column Well Fountain - Garden Fountains & Outdoor Decor:
This is a bit more of a statement, but still has the simple clean lines that I love, and of course a spigot.

It is about 36 in. tall and a bit deeper than the last one. I would probably do somewhat the same planting around this fountain, but for some reason I see some begonias around this fountain. Hmmm? I wonder where that came from? I will have to see what Debra says.

Once we choose the main fountain, then I will be pairing it with the side patio wall fountain.


I have lots to think about and to do. We will be moving in to our new home the end of October. We are scheduled to receive the keys on the 13th, my birthday!! Pretty nice birthday gift I would say.

This week they have put down the gravel and started the framework for the concrete outside. Soon we will have a driveway and a walkway, plus the side patio!!

P1150587 (800x600)

Yesterday we went to see what progress had taken place and we noticed all the windows are taped and papered. 

They are getting ready to paint the trim. The exterior paint will be coming soon! That is the one thing I can hardly wait to see!! Stay tuned for more updates and plans!!