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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And Then There Was PAINT!!!

The playroom bed has a few changes if you notice in the picture below. I am going through the process of picking the paint color.
 I am going to take you along with me on this process even if it takes me awhile, I hope you don't mind. I had already decided a green room would be a fun gender neutral color.   The first thing I do is get out my fan decks or color swatches from the paint store and lay them out and look at them for a couple of days.  As I pass the room the colors get moved around according to preference. I like to do this throughout the day because the light changes and so will the color.   I also decided I did not want to try and match any of the existing greens in the elements. I wanted something that would be kind of an in-between color. Therefore, making it become more of a neutral.  With that being said, I needed a citron colored green. More on the yellow side of green than the blue side. The green that is in the quilt is actually has a touch of blue in the green. I knew I did not want that green.   Before I show you  the picture below, I must explain. I normally will go for a more subdued color in a room, but this is a playroom that will be having all white furniture so I wanted it to be bright, cheerful and a clear color. Don't gasp when you see all the swatches. I am only looking at the very top color.  This is how the bed looks now.................

 Pretty bright aren't they? I am using the top two values nothing any lower on the swatches. I went from this too this..................

 Now I have five possiblilites but trust me I will be narrowing this down to the top three contenders.......

 There is one thing I would like to point out here. You can tell it is a process of elimination. You can also see I did not stand in the store under harsh flourescent lights and try to pick a color on the spot. That is virtually impossible to do. It is all about the details and it is important to make sure it is right in the enviroment in all lighting. There will be times when you will like a color better in the day than at night or vice versa. Think of when you will be in the room the most viewing that color,and it should be most appealing that time of day. I am lucky that the room has a good amount of light so the color did not change drastically throughout the day. Now we are down to the top two, the second and third swatches.  Time to go to the paint store and get some sample quarts.

Paint poster board with minimum of two coats and move around the room throughout the day.

And the winner is........????????  Let me know what you all think.
I will be showing you my big swatches in a later post.

"Enjoy the Process" Of: Choosing Paint Colors