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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Driving Force Of COLOR!!



Are you as driven by color as much as I am? Color is a driving force in my life.

  Color can change my mood!

I shop by color.

Color combinations excite me!

Color absolutely fascinates me!

Colors can change a mood, feel, or temperature  in a room. Trust me, it can totally do it !!

Just think about Summer Heat!! How can you cool down the temperature in a room during the summer months?

Since summer months in my part of northern California can be quite hot, I like to add cooler hues to my rooms.

The addition of cool blues, and greens are perfect additions to add in my home to cool down the look of the room. Think of WATER and the many colors in the ocean!!

Lately the combination of turquoise, and navy have been interesting to me.

This cool duo will make the temperature of any room go down a few degrees.

In my own personal home I have surrounded myself with walls of a warm, soft color of maize. Since colors in the yellow family tend to be on the warm side, I cool it down with the addition of blues and greens.

Recently I  thought just a small touch of turquoise might be interesting to add to the mix.

Who knows what I will come up with, but for now it is fun to imagine this cool duo in my home.

Do you try small additions of color in your rooms to change its feel, or mood? What colors do you add to your rooms in the summer?

Stay tuned I might just add a touch of turquoise  with my cobalt blue for the summer in my family room.

As Always.....