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Friday, February 4, 2011

Two Color Combinations for One Room!!

Why would one room need two color combinations?  If you are designing a playroom that will be used by two boys and one girl you need to make the room look either like a boy's room or a girl's room.

 I have three wonderful grandchildren that come to stay with me from time to time. Ever since they were babies they have had their own room in my home.

They are all growing up and there are no longer any babies, so it is time to upgrade their room.

When my darling grandsons stay with us, I use the navy, lime and turquoise color scheme with these fabrics…………

IKEA 018004 (800x600)
003 (800x600)
IKEA 016 (800x600)

When  my sweet granddaughter stays with us, we use  pink, navy, lime, turquoise color scheme with these fabrics…………..
IKEA 017 (800x600) IKEA 016 (800x600)
IKEA 018 (800x600) 003 (800x600)

Now you get the picture, right? I switch out some accessories and Voila!! I have a room suitable for boys or, a room suitable for a girl!!

This is fun for them and also for me, I must admit!!

Lots of painting, shopping and planning have been taking place. It will be awhile until it is all done, and I am sure I will be tweaking for awhile, but I am really excited and enjoying the process.

 Of course, that is easy for me to say since I am having fun and poor hubby is doing all the manual labor.

So what do you think of what you see so far???

I wonder what color I will be painting the walls?? Any guesses?

“ Enjoy the Process” Of:

Seeing a design unfold!!