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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Spring Bucket List!

I am making some progress on the decisions for my Easter table. I have decided on the color scheme………..

1 (483x608)

My table will be sporting some of this fabric………………..

7 (500x400)
Laekitha from the “Home To Three Duncan Boys” blog was so kind to find this fabric for me. After reading my last blog post she left me a comment with the website. I ordered it this morning!!

 Don’t you just love the blogging community?!! Thank you Laekitha!! Be sure and visit her blog(HERE) and tell her Kathysue sent you by!

The next element is this darling metal birds nest from My Sparrow stylish responsibility. You can go to their website (HERE)

They have some amazing items that would be fun for a springtime table or for any season for that matter. Be sure and take a look. You won’t be disappointed.
6 (330x328) 

I thought the metal nest would look great in one of the galvanized French flower buckets I plan on using……………

5 (399x400)
It will be tall and dramatic!! I will remove it from the table when we sit down to eat.I think it will look nice on the bar where the food will be displayed. Or at least that is my plan today!!! You all know how things can change along the way. At least I have my base going now for all the final details. My mind better get busy!!!

I thought it would be fun to look at some inspiration I have in my files using galvanized pieces on tables.

A Spring Bucket List.....

The images you are about to view are for inspiration. There is something that spoke to me in each picture. Whether it is the size, shape, color or texture they made me think creatively about my own project. Just because an image isn’t exactly what you have in mind, never close off the possibilities it has to offer.

1 (267x267)

4 (150x150)

1 VIA ANN SAGE (366x478)
via Anne Sage

5 (300x400) (300x400)

3 (300x300)
The soft palette of colors used is so appealing.

4136_040809_irishmosscenterpiece_l (225x281)
I love the texture of the moss in the bucket with the sweet birds nest.

200803150232 (500x500)
Simple and yet very effective.

2 (675x505)
The mix of the metal and terra cotta is interesting to me.

1 (300x270)
Different sizes and shapes makes for a nice grouping.

2 (328x464)
I love the textures in this image. The addition of the straw baskets and wood makes for a nice mix.

3 (217x295)

4 (320x240)
8 (220x300)

6 (236x320)
Even after using buckets on the table they can be useful elsewhere.

9 (400x400)
I like the white Gerbera daisy with the color of the metal.

10 (580x587)
Turned upside down and used as lifts for food is a great idea.

untitled (196x300)
I really like this concept. I would not use the same fruit, yet it does inspire me. Think of Mr. McGregors garden, carrots and cabbage maybe some grass all the food little Easter bunnies would love to see. Now there is an idea for you.

My mind is spinning. How about yours? Are you getting any ideas for your own Easter table yet?

“Enjoy the Process” Of:

Looking for ideas and using unusual pieces for your centerpieces.