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Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Great Christmas Race


the great Christmas Race

When did Christmas become something we just got, “DONE!”?

I read a lot of blog post, and Facebook post, and it is becoming more, and more evident to me that so many are not enjoying this wonderful season because they are just trying to get it DONE, and they are NOT able to…..…

enjoy the process 3

So many are saying, things like, “I know am behind”, or, I know  most of my friends already have it done”. 

It is as if it has become the great Christmas race.

That just makes me sad. Trust me it is not a race, and if you are running it, you have already lost because you lost the feeling, and the meaning of what this season is all about.

enjoy the process

Personally I tend to start a bit early out of pure excitement for the upcoming season, but I take my time, and to be honest I am probably still decorating, wrapping and baking up until the big day arrives.

So starting early does not necessarily mean we will be the first one DONE! Unless you are truly running a race and just trying to get it DONE.

 Frankly I don’t want to just get it DONE!

I remember when I was younger I realized that the get it DONE attitude was becoming the way of the world, and it also was robbing all of us of  true Joy of the season, and making us forget the real meaning behind this wonderful season.

This subject was discussed with a very close friend of mine and we decided we would not let those people that we referred to as THEY, as in THEY are trying to steal my joy get to us. 

We would do whatever it took to remain joyful, thankful, and happy during this wonderful season of  Joy, Love and most importantly the celebration of the birth of  Christ.

I will admit there are times when it is much harder  to do. I too have those moments of dealing with a grouchy (I hate my job) type of clerk, or things don’t go as planned, but that is just life, and we all make a conscience choice of how we choose to handle these situations. 

When I see a clerk that is obviously grumpy, and hates her/his job, I make sure I smile at them and say Merry Christmas.  

It is amazing how they almost blink, shake their heads and act like, "Oh that’s right it is Christmas, I forgot!!"

Then they smile and say Merry Christmas. Try  it! You will be amazed at how surprised they look when you say Merry Christmas to them.

Are you ready to join me in the movement of not letting your Joy be taken away by all the busyness of the season?

So with that being said,

Don’t JUST get it DONE!

Do take your time and enjoy each step.

Merry Christmas girl
You have now officially been sprinkled with Merry Christmas Happy Snow!!! Just trying to help ;)